Thursday, July 03, 2008
  i'm guessing that was a mistake then
i haven't had any sugar or caffeine to speak of (aside from my little mojito splurge at benihana last weekend) since 6/22.

well, last night i decided i was going to treat myself to an iced coffee, which i picked up on the way to doggy obedience class. i sipped it throughout. yum!

back in the day, having an evening coffee wouldn't have been a big deal. in fact, it was a fairly common occurence. not that common, however, since that meant seeing the one dude at dunkin donuts. he's a bit strange. too talkative. he is the one that i heard hitting on some chicks once by telling them he was a musician and had a cd, hip hop presumably. i'm like, "uh, yeah, and it's doing so well that you're workin' the counter at DD." but i digress. point is, nighttime caffeine really didn't seem to do much to me. it certainly didn't stop me from sleeping at a "decent" hour (although, admittedly, my idea of decent is vastly different from most).

anyway, so about last night. 2 a.m. came and went, and i was like, "whoa!" since i usually don't make it that late anymore. i try, like an 8-year-old fighting sleep every night, but i always conk out while watching t.v. or reading.

then i got into this book i chose for my class, girl with a pearl earring. next thing i know, it was 5 a.m. i knew chris's alarm would be going off soon, so i scooted off to bed. then laid there for an HOUR with my thoughts racing.

note to self: next time you want to indulge in a caffeinated beverage, make sure it's EARLY in the day. sheesh. i had to set my alarm for 11 today (!!!!) so i wouldn't slepe too late, but then woke up at 10-something and now get to do the day on like 4 hours of sleep. and we're (probably) going to bimini tomorrow, i just found out!
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