Friday, October 24, 2008
  Well, here goes nothing...
Today I got brave.

(I have a better domain registered, but it's not forwarding yet...)

It's not much of a site... someday I want to have a cool one with a bit more of my "voice" but this will do for now, mostly because it's free. Since I have, like, no money, I can't pour anything into this until it makes me some money. I think my band-aid looks alright though. :)

And I'm not charging much - yet. I would have to be charging more than this to make a real business of it, but it's a start.

I put an ad on Craigslist asking for newborn and pregnant models, and I would do their photography for free. To get practice and some pictures added to my porfolio. I've had one request so far, from a pregnant lady, and one email that says that she is willing to pay me to take pics of her 5-month-old and 6-year-old. :D :D

Do I have my first paying client?! I don't even know what to make of the email. Does she mean she'll pay me a little bit? I dunno! But it would be super cool if it that's what it means...!!!

Also, Chris's sister is an OB. I think if I got a "portfolio" put together (aka photo album with my info), she may let me put it in the waiting room of her office. It's an idea! Hope it works! Definitely need more maternity/newborn pics for that type of thing, though.

Oh yeah - constructive criticism on the website would be welcomed. I really want to work on the opening page and all that, but writing that type of stuff is a lot harder than you would think it would be!
I'd love to make you a professional site, for free if you'd like :)
i fiddle around with web design in my free time, if there are things you want done, and i can do wordsmithing, too.

but it looks like you've got things well under control so far :)
ering - dude, that would rock! i am so swamped right now, but after a little while i'd really like to do that. maybe in the meantime we think about it? i would want something pretty simple, but aesthetically pleasing...

and ike - i'll definitely hit you up for your wordsmithing. i want to do my "real" website with a lot of personality, so i will be asking for help & opinions then..

thank you guys!! you rock!!!
sure, I'll just get some of your pics off flickr and play around with some ideas, the pics I use could always be changed out :)
do you still have an email address for me somewhere? :)
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