Monday, October 27, 2008
I'm inordinately excited about Wednesday.

See, Wednesday I am going to take pictures of a brand new baby.

I am taking advantage of the fact that babies can't move much at all... I had a gift card for $100 so I went on a little spree at the fabric store and got some nice backgrounds. Zebra stripe! Plain black! Pink-checked, blue-checked... And a really fuzzy section of fabric that I think will look all lovely and snuggly.

I really wish school would just get done with. Or that I had started this earnest attempt at photography this past summer, when I had so much free time.

'Cause today I wanted to do nothing but play... I am rediscovering flash.. I am using this diffuser and reflector I got last year when I ordered the same thing for a friend... I haven't used it much myself but now am finally playing with it and realize how handy it will be.

But I had to keep myself in check so I could write a paper. And do handouts for a report I have to give to class. And now I'm studying for my literature course as I have a test tomorrow.

I can't wait until this semester is over!!!

This day could not have been worse, by the way. When I showed up to do the dogs, I was the only one there.. Walking around in the dark with all the dogs barking 'cause they wanted to go potty... Another volunteer showed up but it was a far cry from the FOUR we had last week.

Then I found a baby turtle. This after a very serious NO MORE ANIMALS discussion Chris & I had after Moo joined us (he needs his teeth removed, by the way). A baby turtle, by the Dumpster behind the dog place. Had the grey doggy not been constipated, I wouldn't have seen him and the ants that were covering him or the cold night we're having tonight would've killed him for sure. He's brand-new, the size of a quarter roughly... And there's no natural way he should've wound up back there, so god knows how he did.
(So, OK, I don't REALLY mean that this contributes to my bad day, as we all know there is about nothing I like more than being able to help something that needs it, but I need another animal like I need a hole in my head.)

Then I took one of the doggies out of the crate and realized it was my beloved Onella. Onella used to be a puppy... She reminded me of Maggie. A black schnauzer mix. Love to have her belly rubbed and loved to lick. Just the sweetest thing ever. I put her on Craigslist a lot but no one was interested. She went to the Naples shelter, and I hadn't seen her since... Well, she's back - and she's about twice as big. She will have a lot harder time finding a home. But she's still my girl. I sat on the curb and she just nestled under my arm and I rubbed her belly and cursed the fact that she was going to have to go back in a fucking crate where she stays for approximately 23:30 hours of the day and tried to not cry. Maybe I'll take her to the dog park this weekend and beg people to adopt her.

Then that thing happened with my computer and I realized that I lost so much. I called Chris blubbering when it happened but couldn't even talk about it when he got home I was just so upset.

Then my printer's ink just died so I can't print out this paper.

Well, whatever. The day is done.

The good news is that I found out that 17 doggies got adopted this weekend at the shelter, including two that I had been hoping and praying for them to find a home (and putting them on Craigslist!). And the one was bigger and homelier than Onella, so she may have a chance.

Oh, yes, and an event-filled day it was! I also discovered my tortoises are gay! Well, one of them at least. I hear them going at it ALL THE TIME. Wailey mostly. It's like a snorting noise. Especially now that the windows are open, I am just like, "DAMN! Give it a rest already!" I see Bjorn kinda trying to get away from him sometimes and Wailey trying to mount him and making the sex noises. I have always been pretty confident that Wailey was just being hopeful and no penetration had actually occured, despite the noises coming out of the big guy.

Tonight I had to bring the torts in tonight on account of the cold and I am pretty sure that the thing sticking out of Bjorn's cloaca was a penis. So Bjorn is Bjorn after all, not Bjork. And Wailey is gay. And I don't have to worry about baby tortoises, thank GOD. And also, I put Bjorn in a separate box tonight so he could have a night of peace without Wailey trying to plow into him. (Seriously, when we had them in before, Wailey just chased Bjorn around the floor everywhere.)
Um, OK. I think that's all. Back to Mark Effing Twain.
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