Friday, January 09, 2009
  Oh. My. God.
so i went to beach boot camp the other night for the first time in, oh, 2 years? two words: holy shit.

i found it bordering on easy before, towards the end.. we did a LOT of stretching, and i had been going for months so had built up the stamina to run and do strength band exercises for 90 minutes. both of those things have changed. very little stretching and i am whoa-mama out of shape. i mean, i still jog here and there, and can keep up a slow jog for the 40 minutes or so i usually run, but i was not ready for sand jogging or jumping jacks or all these pushups and whatnot.

to make matters worse, i rode bike there - so a brisk 25-minute bike ride already had me a little winded, yet when i hopped off my bike i immediately had to start with the jumping jacks.

about halfway through the workout, as winded as i felt, i decided that i needed to really turn it up. so once we get back from san francisco, i'll be going to boot camp three times a week - monday nights, wednesday nights, and saturdays at 8 a.m. whee! in three months i'll figure out where i need to go from there. i'm also making sure i get the dogs out for jogs at least a couple of times a week.

in the meantime, lordy am i sore. sore. so sore. it hurts to stretch and to sit up and to stand up and to do basically anything. tomorrow should be a blast.

we got the guide to adult education classes in the mail the other day. and as much as i want to take a spanish course to brush up.. and they offer intermediate and advanced now! well, i don't have the time. i decided getting in shape was much more important right now than that. my job for the next three months (length of the boot camp membership) is to get my schoolwork done and to exercise - that's it. well, substitute and do the census, too, if i get called for that.

on the eating-better front, i've done quite well. but i discovered one cannot go cold turkey on caffeine and sugar without bad side effects. tuesday night i started getting a headache.. yes, day ONE of the cutback. it lasted through the night and was still there in the morning. which is when i decided i didn't need to suffer and went and got myself some baby coke cans. you know, the 100-calorie ones? one of those and 2 aleves and i felt better. i figure one small coke is better than one coffee, sometimes two, and one big coke and sometimes a hot chocolate late at night while i was still awake reading and whatnot, etc. yes, i've been bad.

ok, off to do some schoolwork.
caffeine withdrawal is a bitch--if you've been really caffeinated daily for a while, the headaches might last for a few days if you go cold turkey. you might try some diet coke, so you're without the sugar but still getting the caffeine... or some excedrin (which is tylenol and/or aspirin + caffeine) if you're desperate. i think a can of coke (diet or otherwise, 12oz) has something like 1/6 or 1/4 the caffeine of a typical cup of coffee.
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