Sunday, May 03, 2009
  nightmare for a social moth
so friday chris calls me on his way home from work and says weekend plans have changed, blah blah blah. because saturday night, his friend nick is coming into town with his buddy and they'll be staying a minimum of three nights, so we have to be home by 7, blah blah blah.

i'm like, back it up there, buddy. you're telling me friday night that we have three-day+ guests arriving on saturday night? well, he said, he mentioned it before that he MAY come but then i didn't hear from him until today about it.

i was a little upset. i mean, if he would've consulted me, i'm sure i would've said yes, but at least i would've felt like i had a say in it. i don't really mind houseguests, but this is TWO GUYS that chris knows... and chris won't be home tomorrow and the next day. but i will! so i'm kinda like, oh, wonderful. i told chris to at least get the guest rooms ready for them since i did it for his friends last time (and i do it when my family is coming, etc.).

well they arrived last night while we were jogging. as we jogged up to the house, we see THREE guys standing outside. THREE?!

i was originally going to have them sleep in the one guest room with two beds so we wouldn't have to get the other room ready and ellie could keep sleeping under the bed like he likes to do. but having three people made that impossible. so when we got back from the jog, i had to ready up that room, get my books and stuff out of it, make the bed, get towels, etc. (no, chris did not do it. surprise.)

then they went out for greek food and i spent the next, like, two hours cleaning as fast as i could so i could get in the shower. it actually was really good because i got more done in those two hours than i ever would normally. i had asked chris to shake out the couch covers and stuff before they got here.. of course he didn't.. he said they don't care. but of course they're covered in fur and, actually, the lighter-colored one was pretty dirty, so *i* cared.

i was trying to stay in bed today until they left - chris was taking them out on the boat. i finally had to get up. i came out to the kitchen to find FOUR guys. i don't know where this other dude was from, but i immediately ran into the office where i have stayed until now, waiting for them all to leave so i could go get some cereal. they're nice guys and all, don't get me wrong, but there really isn't a place for ME among 4-5 strange guys that know each other. i'm just like, omg, could you guys LEAVE already?!

anyway. they're gone. so i'm off to have some cereal!
that just doesn't seem right, especially if Chris might not know all of them, who knows what they could be like, its not ok to leave your significant other alone like that. Pretty sure Bob wouldn't do that to me unless i knew some of the guys.
dude, sounds alright to me.. you want me to come keep them company? :P they any cute?
they were actually really nice.. i felt bad for being so upset about it. it was weird, tho.. when i'd get home and they were all three here, i felt like i was intruding, if that makes any sense. but anyway, it all worked out. :)
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