Monday, September 14, 2009
  best diet ever?

to give you a clue, it's what happens to the cows when the dairy industry is done with them. oh, and this cow is pregnant. which doubles the awful-ness. and also, the guys are laughing. which quadruples it.

i got an email from last night about something COMPLETELY different, then saw there was an 'animal rights' section at the top, so clicked there and next thing you know i'm watching this video and hyperventilating. today i have been so sad and disgusted that i have hardly eaten anything, and the only dairy i took in was the cream in my coffee.. and by the day's second coffee, i couldn't do it and went all the way to starbucks for a soy latte instead.

also, i made chris watch the video because when i'm upset about this stuff OF COURSE he has to listen to it, so i said hey, THIS is WHY i go so crazy, and i hit play and left the room. he was pretty shocked when i came back, but was making the excuse that it was the italians since that's where this video is from. no one wants to think that this is going on to the animals THEY eat and whose milk THEY drink, you know?

i remember, years ago i was working with a religious, observant jew who kept kosher. there was a big story about someone who had gone undercover at this huge kosher slaughterhouse.. like, THE BIGGEST.. and got truly horrible footage. as steven had explained to me previously, kosher slaughter was the most humane since it was meant to be quick and painless for the animals. yet, in this slaughterhouse, the cows were staggering around AFTER their throats had been slit. SO NOT KOSHER. and when i told him this, he said i must be wrong, no kosher slaughterhouses would be like THAT. end of story, no further research. i always thought that was so strange.. he was a really nice guy and religion was incredibly important to him, yet... he didn't want to seek out that truth? like, where would i get a story like that, and wouldn't you want to at least check it out?

anyway, sorry for my depressing video of the day.

not much going on here. maybe i'll write a macy email to cleanse the palate.
Stacey, I couldn't even begin to watch the video; it'd probably haunt me for weeks.

My wife and I went veggie 5 or 6 years ago for reasons such as this; we simply cannot understand how some people can be so cruel to animals.

I love cheese and take milk in tea and coffee, although I have a moral problem with this. My doctor's nurse reckons I need to lose some weight, and she said cheese is a good place to start.

In the years before I went veggie, I always thought that there would be nothing much to eat - how wrong I was. I think it will be the same if I went vegan, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to take that step yet.

Keep on caring.
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