Wednesday, December 30, 2009
  Look what we found!
Amanda was here this past week. Saturday, she wanted to go rummage saling. We didn't have any luck, but on the one street in search of a sale we found this:

See how, like, her whole leg is just a mat of fur?

Yep, a scruffy, dirty little white dog. I went over to it and it ignored me, so I got down and did the play bow and it - she - ran right over to me. I picked her up and we went knocking on doors but no one answered even though it was a weekend and there were cars everywhere. I found a kid walking down the street looking as if he was headed to work at a fast food joint. He said he had never seen the dog before.

Soooo... What else? We took her home.

I gave her two baths and the water ran brown. Then Chris helped me trim all the mats off her fur. It was crazy... her ears were literally twice the size they should be due to the fur matting together. Inside her ears, she had dreadlocks. She had poop on her butt, huge burdocks stuck in her fur, big mats everywhere, eye boogers the size of quarters... ooh, and fleas! Yay, fleas!

The Humane Society has no record of anyone reporting her missing and she isn't microchipped. Chris at first had said to put up signs in the neighborhood, but he realized what I did quickly - that if this dog recently "belonged" to anyone, they were not taking care of her AT ALL. So screw them.

This is her after three baths, an hourlong grooming session, and multiple follow-ups with me using scissors to cut off pesky tangles as she chewed rawhides:

SHE IS SO CUTE. I love this dog. :)

SHE IS SO CUTE. I love this dog. :)

I want to name her Daisy, but someone is coming to look at her tomorrow so I'll give that lady the honor if she decides to take her home.

A little about her:
She has extremely white teeth, so I think she must be young.
She is extremely sweet.
She is really playful. She bounds across the pool deck if you call for her, dragging a rawhide in her mouth.
She is very happy-go-lucky. What a difference from when I brought Maggie home! So she may have been neglected, but it doesn't seem like anyone's been mean to her. She snuggles and lets you lay her on her back and all sorts of cutie goodness.
She is extremely patient - she sat still so well for us to trim her down, and during the ensuing catch-fleas or cut-out-tangles sessions, she has sat completely still for me. None of MY dogs would do such a thing.
She's a perfect size. Small enough to pick up and hold and snuggle on your lap, but not so small that you have to worry you'll, like, break her or something. About 15 lbs?
She was waaaay too interested in the cats when she first arrived, but as of the second day she was here she was moving to the side to let Kitten have her food. Yes, she is scared of cats now. :D Not so much Oreo yet though..
She sleeps in weird positions. Draped over the back of the couch, for example, or smooshed between my leg and the arm of the chair.
She is not potty trained, but we're working on that. No accidents in the house today! We're crate training. No fun, but necessary.
When we have not watched her carefully, she has chosen multiple rugs and carpets to do her business on. We have a wood floor, chica - go on that!!!

Whoever gets her is going to be really, really lucky. I'm jealous!
i think she looks like a stella. so cute!
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