Sunday, October 31, 2004
  our little halloween cat
or: i love lucy

these pictures aren't actually of lucy, but the only uploaded ones i have of her are when we were torturing her by putting her in her harness before a trip to the vet's. those hilarious pics can be seen at my yahoo photos.

since today is halloween (happy halloween!), i'm writing about lucy, the halloween cat. she looks just like the cats in these photos.

lucy is a hilarious little cat. she's a year and half old or so and definitely going through the awkward-teenager stage. she's gawky and possesses absolutely none of a cat's grace. we call her the horse cat -- she gallops, i swear. on top of that, she has a bumpy nose and funny lips. bald spots on her legs. goofy looking cat, i'm telling you.

she likes to kill stuff, a lot. unfortunately, my kitten is taking after her. at least it's calmed down a little, though.. it used to be that EVERY SINGLE MORNING, i'd find at least one little dead thing she'd dragged in during the night. lizards, mice, snakes, birds.. ugh. one morning it was bird confetti on the landing, another day there was a pile of feathers and one bird foot on the kitchen floor. while we were cleaning up that morning, she cornered a gecko in the kitchen. other nights, she'd bring in cute little worm-sized snakes. keep her in at night, you say? we would, but she goes INSANE when she has to stay in. the solution as of late has been to lock her out until morning.

the reason that i'm inspired to write about her is that over the past two weeks, her personality has completely changed. before, if she was being sweet and rubbing against your legs, you knew she was either 1) out of food or 2) wanted outside. all of a sudden, though, she started crying because she wanted to sit in your lap. today, she went back and forth between ed's and my laps, depending on who looked most cozy. first, my lap. then ed's. then i got a blanket, so she came back to mine. she curls up and purrs and loves the attention now. in the past eight months, she hadn't done once what has become a common occurence over the past couple of weeks.

anyway, i completely love lucy. and along with her personality change, i swear her face has taken on a regal look. i'll get a good portrait someday.
Enjoyed a lot!
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