Tuesday, May 24, 2005
  Ha ha ha! I'm drunk!
Okay, I'm not. I had one drink and then one glass of wine, but I'm a total lightweight, so let's just pretend. Then I can use CAPS A LOT AND YOU'LL ALL FORGIVE ME.

Anyway, for all those of you WITHOUT LIVES who READ MY BLOG, here is the report on the salsa class: Not so bad!

To give you an idea, those of you who have not gone with me to places where people typically dance on a routine basis: I danced at a Christmas party last year, only to not be the party pooper. Before that, my sister's wedding. Before that, Mexico. Before that, PROM. Junior prom, even.

Alex didn't know this, of course, when he invited me to try this whole salsa thing. I met Alex diving, by the way. He's a nice guy who can ID fish like a motherfucker and speaks, like, four languages. Very cool fella.

Anyway, being me, I came in five minutes late, and they apparently had started five minutes early. So I took my place at the end of a long line of stepping Latina girls completely confused. Luckily, the pretty dance instructor girl noticed me flailing in the corner and came to help. Steps, okay, fine. THEN THEY STARTED TO TWIRL! Jesus, people! Shouldn't we be concentrating on the 7-part step for the next month or two? :D

But naw, it wasn't so bad. Alex was nice and didn't laugh at me. Then we rotated and no one else laughed at me either, but that was probably because I had a foot or on most of them (as in 12 inches, not an actual foot.. although they probably felt that was an imminent danger) and they were scared I'd hurt them. Some little 15-year-old twerp WHO WAS BAD AT LEADING kept yelling at me when I'd get paired up with him for looking at the floor while I danced. Finally, I was like, "JUST LET ME! AND I'M COUNTING OUT LOUD TOO!!!" Twerp.

So anyway, I'll go back. :)

By the way, salsa is so much easier for the girls than it is the guys. We just get bossed around. I think that'd be kinda sexy if I could just LET THE GUY LEAD FOR CHRISSAKE.
I've been to one salsa lesson, and that was at an actual salsa CLUB in London where people go to hook up. I was with Chris and we thought you'd get to keep the same partner. OH NO! Maybe a couple of the people were there to learn, the rest wanted to get lucky. So, I'd like to go to a real class where I know the guy isn't just waiting to move on to the hot girl who's next!
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