Monday, August 01, 2005
Hey everyone.  I got an email from this place today for the first time in forever, which means they must really be hurting for cash. 
Some of you that know me have heard of this place.. Let me remind you.  I found an injured box turtle in ENP so put it in my backpack and consulted a park ranger, who told me hush-hush to take it to this wildlife sanctuary nearby.  This place is all of a few miles from the Florida City entrance and looks just like a house from the outside.  Once you go in the gate, you realize they have a nice little property.  The lady who met me took the turtle and told me she'd give it to one of their volunteers, who worked with a vet who specialized in reptiles.  Then she asked me and Byron if we wanted a tour.  Sure, we said.  We expected something like the Wildlife Care Center here in Fort Lauderdale - pelicans, quaker parakeets, geese, roosters.  Ooh, we were wrong.
This place takes in big cats from dumb people who get them as pets, then realize they can't keep up with its care or its diet.  They take in big cats from circuses who can no longer even give them the sub-adequate care they usually do.  They have a number of Florida panther hybrids, one of which was a total sweetie but drooled constantly.  The woman giving the tour explained why - he was the "pet" of a drug dealer who gave him serious drugs for fun.  Now he has some problems. 
So anyway, they need donations.  You South Floridians should be especially generous; if you write to them, you may get a tour.  Trust me, it's awesome.  I got licked by a panther.  Got to hear a lion purr.  Was face-to-face with tigers.  It's AWESOME. wrote:
Date: Sat, 30 Jul 2005 12:16:51 EDT

Summer always brings vacations, relaxation and just trying to beat the heat. I am sending this mail out to as many as I can in an effort to help the big cats. Since our last open house/fundraiser donations have been almost nonexistent. If anyone can help with any amount, large or small, every dollar goes directly to the animals.
Please help.   Tax deductible donations can be sent to
              Southern Florida Wildlife
              19391 SW 336 St.
              Homestead, FL 33034
Please send this e-mail to as many people as you can. We are in need of food for the animals and need your help. If you have questions you can call me at 305-323-4175 or Dirk at 786-246-4263. OR you can e-mail me. Thank You, Barbara
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