Thursday, September 22, 2005
  a non-picture post
alright, today is the first day of my returning to a healthier lifestyle to banish aforementioned extra 8 (10?) pounds. matt, if you're reading this - you said long ago that i would look better if i gained 10 pounds. we'll see if you agree next time you see me. AND IF YOU MAKE ONE COMMENT ABOUT ME FITTING IN DOWN IN HALLANDALE (if i "Just had some big earrings"), I'LL TWIST IT OFF! (don't worry, y'all, i'm talking about his boob, not that other thing - he's a married man, for goodness sake!)

anyway, i've had this "day" a few times in the past month, a decision usually come to after trying on clothes or eating a particularly bad-for-me meal and having guilt.

today is the real thing though. how do i know, you ask? you know how sometimes you say you're going to do something and, even as you're saying it, you know you won't? well. i don't have that feeling this time. and i did the shopping. see, you can't just eat right unless you do the shopping for it. i have good intentions on eating right but then don't have anything good to eat for breakfast so skip that and then have some horribly paltry lunch and then am so starving by dinnertime that i eat twice the pasta i should. you follow?
for example, the other night, i did a grocery shop at around 7 p.m., on my way home. i hadn't eaten since 11 a.m., though, so while i bought things with the right idea (snackwells cookies), i was so hungry that i used them the completely wrong way (ate a whole row - 4 - before i even got home). whoops.

so now i got my essentials:
1. pria bars. you cannot NOT eat something between lunch and dinner if those two are as many hours apart as mine usually are (7 or so).
2. breakfast shakes. start your day out right.
3. a caffeinated alternative to my "light & sweet" dunkin donuts coffees. i don't even want to think of what kind of sugar/calorie bomb those things are. so i got some 1/4-as-good cafe latte mix stuff. but hey, 100 calories. DD will be reserved for the weekend.
4. waffles. kashi go-lean waffles to be exact. these things are SO yummy. put some butter substitute and some jam / pb / fruit on them and they are the yummiest lunch ever - for like 300 calories.
5. tofutti pops. actually, i forgot these and have to go back. 30 calories, fudgesicle taste. you can eat three and not feel bad. yay, tofu!
6. some kashi cereal that doesn't look all that yummy. see, if you keep fruity pebbles or, for me, special k, you'll eat this stuff as a snack. in mixing bowls. so you gotta buy cereal that is healthy but is not all that yummy tasting. as in: opposite of cracklin' oat bran. hopefully this will be the brand that's it.

fyi all y'all - if you need any fitness gear, target is having a mega clearance. i got a whole load of fun stuff for like $8.

also, did anyone watch the season premiere of L&O last night? i fell asleep halfway through. and, for some reason, i can't find a L&O blog out there to tell me what happened. help!

alright, i have the "i screwed up and didn't eat enough today" headache, so i'd better be off..!
Seriously woman, you look so thin as it is in your pictures!! Just be careful!
you can go to the network website and then click on L&O then you should find a summary of the episode.
Lose it if you want to and if you think its beter for ya but you look just fine as you are. Remember most people like you for you. If it only for looks then for get about it.
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