Wednesday, September 28, 2005
foreword:  don’t ask me what’s going on with the fonts/spacing.  blogger for word has some bugs, apparently.  (

1.  i never update y’all on anyone except for the kittens, so here is news about the rest of the clan.   kitten:  miserable.  she has her own food dish on the  kitchen island thing so she doesn't have to share with the other cats, because  sharing causes her to make devil noises.  she does cuddle up in my bed  anytime i'm there and she happens to be in the house, whether it's 6 a.m. or  lunchtime.  so that makes up for it.  elliot:   on his way to becoming a lap cat.  he comes and sits next to me to nap  sometimes.  it's quite cute.  fluffy:  somehow,  he got huge all of a sudden.  starting to match his paws.  i had the  thought today that i'm going to enjoy having him until i'm  40something.  that’s always a nice thought to have about a huge commitment.  :)  mamacat:  she's taken to  stealing my lunch (sandwiches, day in and day out) with elliot.  at least  she's coming out of her shell, if only for fake chicken.  mini  fluffy:  still cries a lot.  follows mama around trying to  nurse.  i don't blame her, though.. the rest of the cats take turns pinning her down by the neck.  honestly, it's like they wait in line to  beat her up.  turty:  i had to run by ed's last night  so i got to drive by the pond that makes turty's home.  there was a turtle  on the center island.  it may have been him!  even thought it was  starting to rain, i had to sit down and admire how gorgeous it is there.   letting him go there was definitely one of my most brilliant ideas, ever.  :)

2.  i  got a book last night named 'white teeth' by zadie  smith.  (yes, i can read!)  anyone read it?  it's been out since 2000.  i've heard  good things about it but never was very inclined to read it, until i saw an  interview with her on pbs the other night.  she is adorably shy, looking  down as she finished every thought.  adorably humble.  seemed very..  very intelligent and admirable.  and when she finishes talking, her mouth  settles into a sweet bunny-type overbite.  reminds me of a familiar  cartoon, although i can't think of which one.  i was really intrigued to  see what this person wrote, what was the "best of [her]."  anyway,  so i got the book.  and i hope i like it; i had made a rule about buying books full-price, which i have followed for a whole month now and which i broke for it.  

3.  i've been  super good lately and have only visited dunkin donuts for my light & sweet  sugar & caffeine bomb twice in the past week.  and i ordered  smalls!  that used to be a daily thing, you know.  the little indian  women in there all know me, know my drink.  it was kind of embarassing  when the cute cop would be standing at the counter and i'd walk in, "hi  there. a little late today, huh?  light & sweet for you?"   :\   for my reward, i have lost in the neighborhood of 4  pounds.  those size 6 jeans are just a few weeks away, i  hope.. of course, i've figured out that the only reason  i ever fit into a size 6 is because i am somewhat  lacking in the caboose.  but hey, i'll take it.  :)

4.  i'm still in the class.  darnit.  see, i had  the $ to pay for the class when it started.  unfortunately, i missed the  payment deadline (i thought it was the first day of class; it wasn't) so had to  re-register in person.  "get a slip from the teacher that says you are  still allowed in the class."  "okay."  i got the slip and brought it  back after the first class.  the total bag of a lady working there was on  her way out.  "ma'am," she said.  "i have had a long day and i am not  going to stay to do that."  "okay!"  i didn't care.  i leaned  over to set it on her desk, you know, for the next day.  "you can't do  that."  "huh?" i said.  "you have to do that in person."  "you  can't enter it for me and i can pay online tomorrow?"  "no."  "ok,  i'll come back next week before class."  "we're not usually open this  late."  agggh.  the lady was a total ho.  and she's  married to one of my favorite professors ever!  anyway, the next week,  before i had a chance to use my lunch hour to go pay this thing.. and i'm tellin  ya, i did it ONLINE BEFORE SO I KNOW I DON'T REALLY HAVE TO *BE* THERE.. i  realized that, if i paid for this class, i would not have money, you know, to  eat with.  so i've been going every week and putting off going in to see  that ho again.  well, now i have the money.  tonight is class.   i'm realizing that it's been a month.  i called, "can i still register for  this class?  i've been going every week."  they put me on hold.   "yes."  Dammit.  and i was looking for an excuse to go home and sweep  tonight.  no, really.  lesser of the two evils, you  know.

okay, i'm outta here.  i have a class to yawn  through.          
just passin' thru

Zadie Smith was featured in Essence this month--apparently she has been recognized for "white teeth". There was a senior citizen in my library looking for it last week but they said they didn't haven't. Then I found it on a shelf accidentally and gave it to her. I didn't even look to see what it was about. Hope you enjoy it.
ya know the size 6 thing.. I remember you posting something about the fact that I had like a 28 inch waist or something and some old famous chick had a much smaller one and called me a "relative cow"... well yeah, but I'm a size 12. and I never saw a size 6.. maybe in middle school, but still, i get to say
SCREW YOU YOU size 6 person you.
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