Thursday, September 29, 2005
  spanish tv
i have lots of spanish-language channels.  before i got cable, the i'm pretty sure the spanish-language outnumbered the english-.
anyway, i'm loathe to watch things in spanish because, unlike english, i actually have to pay attention to understand anything.  and who wants to concentrate on one crazy summer
yeah, for some reason, although the original programming is, well.. focused on over-dramatic telenovelas (i thought they'd be good to watch for language practice, but i can never get through the opening theme - all these people with ridiculous hair looking off into the distance, troubled) and variety shows.  the variety shows can be horrible and it's often hard to think that people are watching these things in the days when law & order is available.  the other day, alli was over and made me watch some venezuelan show.  there was some contest that involved washing plates and another with a dunking game.  were i not so fond of alli, i probably would've grabbed the remote and smacked her with it.  anyway, back to my original idea.. they always have really good movies on!  the kind of movies i'm excited to see are on tv... but then, you know, they start to speak and you realize that you could watch groundhog day if you just felt like thinking.
i did pause on some show named susana gimenez.  there was some crazy 'diamonds are a girl's best friend' type opening that captivated me.. some fake blonde surrounded by men in suits dancing around outside a mansion.  i watched for a while.. i think she read lotto numbers off.  then it was trivia!  i was happy because i got a lot of the answers right.  once i figured out the show was argentinian (they had a lot of argentina geography questions), i had a new respect for how damn smart those people are, though.. lots of history questions that perplexed me were answered casually.  what year this happened, what decade that person died.. lots of american trivia, too, that i should know, but.. you know, they live on another continent. 


all this spanish tv has really made me notice the differences in our culture.  all the civilian argentinas on the show are intelligent-looking, handsome brunettes.  all the celebrity argentinas are fake blondes with an obvious affinity for plastic surgery. 
just.. very strange.  that some people really do transform themselves into barbie dolls - big boobs, long blonde hair extensions, plastic-like face.  (this lady makes pamela anderson look like a granola girl.)  and there is a culture out there to celebrate that.  weird. 
You got some of the picture but not all. Let me tell you, this blonde call “Susana gimenez” is what I call a classy “thief”. She uses the advertisers money to give it to the people watching the program asking them to play numbers and telephone calls to win, that the only job she knows to do…but: people thanks her thinking that the money comes from her! And because she does not have any talent at all she abuses from it because she knows argentina is the only country she can work!
She is extremely rich. She made the money from her tv show without any artistic talent, she does not know to do nothing else than to give money out and sometimes she try to sing and dance (lol), so bad that is ridiculous and embarrassing!
In a country where kids cannot go to school because families cannot afford to send them ( and I am talking about middle class people, forget about the next class down), also where the thieves are also robbing the schools furniture and equipment or robbing and beating up the old people, a country where you cannot walk on the street without being assaulted …but instead to help the kids (at least) and give back to the Argentineans a little of what so much they gave to her in past better times..she runs to the airport to buy properties on usa and in other countries. She hates argentina (while she makes all her millions on there) and as soon as the tv show is over she runs to the airport to go to her multimillion dollar home in venetian island on Miami beach..she also is very good with her boy friends. The last one got 10 million dollars gift in a country where people does not have money to eat!
I wondering how such a poor country like that, allows her to take all that money out?, is she paying taxes on that dozens of millions of dollars before taking it out of the country or she is also getting off with that?-ARGENTINIANS WAKE UP WITH THIS BARBIE!
L verdad que leer todoa esta porqueria sobre susana gimenez me da asco, primero los norteamericanos dejan bastante que desear en todo sentido y son los reyes de la cirugia y porque no miran a su presidente que es horrible persona antes de mirar fuera. segundo a la persona que dejo el comentario que se ocupe de politicos argentinos que le robaron la plata al pueblo para regalarsela a sus familias y en algunos casos la plata se fue para chile fundiendo el pais
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