Friday, October 14, 2005
  the camera is charging
so i will actually (hopefully) take some pictures this weekend!
pics of what, you ask?
well.  mini fluffy looks as if someone has trimmed down her whiskers.  i've already interrogated possible suspects and it doesn't seem that anyone's to blame.  she looks just silly.. and i'm completely stumped.  (no pun intended?) 
sidenote:  she always tries to get out of the house when i open the door, probably taking after her uncle's behavior.  difference is, fluffy actually gets to go out.  so i took pity on her today and brought her out to the clothesline to gather my things.  i set her down in the grass and she just sat there and cried.  cry, cry, cry.. then she ran so she was between my legs.  i was touched that she came to me for protection from the evil SKY and BIRDS and GRASS.  she seemed to enjoy the ride back to the house in the clothesbasket, but that is probably only because she was happy to be getting fur and kitty germs all over my freshly washed clothes.
oh, and i have to get a pic of them sleeping on the windowsill.  mamacat, fluffy, and mini all sleep together sometimes at night.  mini and fluffy were sleeping with their heads touching the other night and it was so cute i about fainted.  they all have exactly the same face, except one is silver and the other is miniature. 
i did my closet last night!  that makes the third night in a row that i didn't get to bed until after two, but i at least now have a functioning closet
this is what i had to hang my clothes on before:
two of them.  yes, like, put the hangers between those little slats.  and the worst part is that the one shelf was out of reach so i had to stand on my tip-toea and the hanger, without fail, wouldn't come off until the third try, right around the time i was swearing.
i know this is a lot of talk about a closet, but it has been an issue of mine for months now and it is finally resolved.  gracias a dios! 
the whole time i was working on it, i realized that both of my neighbors, each of which having the same floorplan as i, have live-in girlfriends.  i cannot even imagine the fights they get in over closet space. 

it was definitely a project.. i realized quickly that it would've been a lot easier to do when i had someone around to support the OTHER half of the 90-inch rod while i tried to drill in the other side.  but, being as resourceful as i am, i used a shoelace and a bra strap to support the two sides so i didn't have to try to hold them while i drilled. 
this weekend, i get to paint bathroom shelves! 
i'm also going sailing and to a toga party, assuming i don't manny out on either.  i really just want to stay home and admire my well-organized closet, though.  :D
A few of my cats have had the whisker trimming syndrome. The first time it happened, it caused a terrible fight between my Sister-in-law and my mother, because dear old mom accused her of cutting the cat's whiskers while we'd been on vacation.

Years later, the same cat's whiskers again were mysteriously shortened on one side, with poor Sister-in-law 1,000 miles away. I've just chalked it up to one of those strange alien cat mothership things.

And for all of you who are curious, no, the cats don't walk drunkenly with uneven whiskers. So don't bother trying it at home.
i'm very impressed by your household skills. take some pics! and have a fun weekend. :)
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