Tuesday, October 18, 2005
  i can't believe it's only tuesday...
at least after this unbearably long week, i have a weekend of hurricane side effects to look forward to!  ah well, at least this ensures i will get my butt into the pet supermarket on sunday to get mini her package of  kitten shots.  $32 for her shots!  how awesome is that?  if i can work out the logistics, i may take in fluffy as well.. he's only rabies vaccinated right now.
and for the record, as long as i am yet again talking about my cats, i am not a cat lady!  i'm an animal person!  there's a difference!  if i had friendly squirrels all over my neighborhood, i would be committed to helping them.  or panda bears.  or flamingos.  or toads.  no, really; i found two toads once completely infested with ticks once while i was jogging and i took them home (of course i got peed on), used my little tick-removing tool to get them all off, and then fretted so much about where i was going to let them go that i ended up driving them back to the place they came from.  i hope sarah doesn't read this or she'll probably have nightmares.  ("toads! covered in ticks! agggh!")  it's just that the cats are there and lovable, and the ones outside are charity cases.  how can you resist any of that?
at that toga party the other night, the older lady there, tara, came over to say goodbye to me before she left.  "you are beautiful," she said.  "people tell you that a lot, right?"  something along those lines.  that kind of stuff happens here and there at social gatherings.. and more often than not, it's an older woman doing the complimenting.  i have two thoughts on that: 1) Weird; and 2) Weird.  1) it is so strange to me that these people find me attractive enough to comment upon it; and 2) why are the older ladies so vocal?  do they remember feeling unsure when they were young(er) so take as many opportunities as possible to compliment other women?  i dunno..  in any case, it's very nice to get a compliment that does not involve my hair.  :)
i have an appointment with the allergist tomorrow to 1) get some better drugs and 2) see about starting allergy shots again.  yay!  now i can get some panda bears!  and squirrels! 
oh yeah, and dawn, i sent your book!
i had a thought today while home & watching animal precinct, a show i wisely tend to avoid as it is both infuriating and depressing.  i really need to find me a sugar daddy so i can be one of those animal cops.  i fear, however, that i may often feel tempted to night-stick these abusers in the face.  today they found three dogs in an apartment pretty much starving to death; they figured the dogs only would've lasted another week or so.  these dogs were skin & bones.  and then they find the owner.. and don't you know, she's some big nasty fat lady with six kids.  #1 she's fat. very fat. arms jiggling five minutes after she stopped moving; that kind of fat.  #2.  you know for damn sure that her kids were fat.  and no leftovers could have been spared for those poor dogs?  anyway, they got the one up to a normal weight but he had so long been neglected that he was basically paralyzed with fear.  give him food, he'd just look at it.  i don't know about you, but i'm used to pretty much having to play keep away whenever i'm eating something the cats find appealing.  it is absolutely unfathomable that someone could let a dog get to that point.. nearly dead and completely unused to humans.  i'd like to help, but i'm guessing the animal cops get paid something like $25k a year for their troubles.  so, lest me and the zoo go hungry, i need me a sugar daddy.  or, with the way things are going, maybe a sugar mama would be easier to get?  ;)
Sorry, I know a few men looking for sugar mama's, but none that are looking to be a sugar daddy!
Okay Stacey...yes I am older and yea I would tell you that you are pretty even in I did in my comment below. Maybe it does have to do with the fact that when I was younger and unsure of myself there was noone around to tell me I was pretty. I believe every woman wants to feel pretty at some point in their lives. You happen to be very pretty and very smart and you also have a very big heart. You don't run across people like you every day. It must run in your family. I see the same qualities in Dawn. You two don't think as highly of yourselves as you should! You are two very incredible women. So maybe being vocal comes with age and we feel we should speak our minds!
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