Wednesday, November 16, 2005
  help my neighborhood strays!
My Craigslist post.  I have so far had $150 donated.  I need $1-2k!  Please contribute something if you can and/or pass this on to as many animal and cat lovers you know.  Strength in numbers is the key here since I don't expect anyone to give that much.  Please help!

My landlord, thanks to a neighbor's complaint, is basically catching all the sweet outdoor cats and doing whatever with them. If he takes them to the Humane Society, the statistics give them only a 1/3 chance of surviving.. Animal Control, even less.  They are all friendly and love people.  They come to my door just so I'll come outside to pet them.  It breaks my heart they're being forced out of their home because someone is annoyed by their presence, probably only to be killed at an animal shelter.  Since I care very much for all of these animals, I have been seeking help for them on the Internet, and lucked out...

I found this great place - the 10th Life sanctuary in Clewiston, Florida.
They take in cats and care for them for the rest of their lives. It looks like cat heaven, too - go look at the pics at
The sanctuary:

My strays:

It costs $400 per cat to admit them. However, I wrote the guy there about these cats.. and included that my neighbor has threatened to shoot them.. and he is going to work for and with me to get them in.  But I have to help with getting donations.  If you look at the website's pictures, you'll see why.  I was completely shocked that this guy is being so kind.  
My stray, Catherine

Please help them out. I donated what I could.. my friend donated $100 for the cause.. Even without my cats going there, it's a very worthy cause to support. So please send over $10 or $20 - or whatever you can.
If you donate via PayPal, either let me or know that it was for the Hollywood strays. 
If you want to send money instead, send to 10th Life, P.O. Box 970456, Boca Raton, FL 33497.  Include a note the donation was for Stacey T's cats.
My stray, Tarzan

THANK YOU!!!! And please pass this onto any cat lovers you know! This place is great!
I'm going to play devils Advocate here.

The cats were there before you moved in. The landlord didn't do anything about them and they didn't have a problem. The cats were outdoor cats and happy to be so.

So how is locking them up in clewiston going to help them?

By attracting attention to them, the landlord thinks they are "your" cats and you are letting them run amuck.

Is the landlord harrassing the other lady that feeds them?

It seems to me the solution is causing more problems then the problem itself.
Once these cats are sent away, others will come when the find the food the other lady puts out.

If you wanted to "save" the cats, stop feeding them so they have to go else where for food and out of range of the landlords gun.

Then the cats can live out their lives in outdoor freedom.
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