Thursday, December 15, 2005
  omg, malls suck
complaining about the mall seems to be a christmas tradition with me..

anyway, no different this year.
salespeople-infested. "hi, ma'am." "hi." "can i show you something?" "nope."
i hate being rude, but i hate being sold stuff worse.

but now i have a new complaint!
what the hell is with malls this day and age not having some type of parking lot organization system?? you know, like the J zone and stuff that the other malls have been kind enough to give retarded people like me?

me losing my car is a problem. a routine problem. at stores like target, i now always park down the lane of parking from the TARGET sign. this prevents me from walking down the wrong lane and then having to lug a shopping cart over a median /ditch / bushes.

so tonight i tried the closest thing at macy's. i got out of my car and pictured how the macy's sign looked from my car, noting the angle. that should get me back to my car, right? and i entered at menswear, so that's where i exited.

okay... but there was no car.

i honestly wandered the parking lot for 20 minutes. warm cinnabon in hand. (it was like torture! warm yummy stuff i normally ever treat myself to at the airport and i had noplace to sit down to eat it!)

i realized at one point that there was a second macy's sign. okay. still, no car. i saw a few cars that looked like mine, and i was willing to take 'em just get out of there, but the key wouldn't work.

okay, so finally i wander sadly to the other side of the mall parking lot, having wandered down every damn aisle in the part of the lot i was sure it was. and what do i see? ANOTHER MACY'S SIGN! that's three! three macy's signs at three different parts of the building.. you couldn't see them from one another.. and i had no idea there were THREE. and i guess that means there are two menswear exits, as well.

totally not cool.

also, radio shack is retarded. i needed an ac adapter. $17.99. i got a multi-voltage/size one for $12.99 at target, so it's like six adapters in one. stupid radio shack.

oh, wait, i just looked at my last year's mall bitchfest and i lost my car that time too. ha ha ha! i'm so cool.

and should not be allowed to leave the house by myself.
Don't feel bad on the parking. One night after having left my car a certain long term parking lot way out from the terminal in Atlanta about 30 hours before and not having slept since I had been on an interview. I spent over an hour in freezing rain without any sucess looking for my car and was going to report it stolen. As I came to the help desk I was told, did you look on the other side. They informed me there was a mirror parking lot with all the same signs. I had gone to wrong parking lot. I was working with little sleep but had no idea it even was there. At the time I could not tell you if I was mad, feeling stupid or just relieved or maybe a little of all three.
Let's see... There's the Hansel-und-Gretel approach, but mall kids would probably eat the bread crumbs. You could use a compass to map your way, but that's just too much damn work. You could mark your way through the mall with flourescent flag tape like hunters, but you might have issues with that. You could use the ever-present "You are here" maps but that might be too confusing. You could bring along a local guide... y'know, someone familiar with the local terrain, wildlife, the key scenery.

Or you could just shop online!
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