Saturday, April 15, 2006
  I love weekends :)

Baby bluebird, Nestbox #1, day 1, originally uploaded by lucycat.

I know, we all do.. But I feel compelled to say it anyway.

I just signed up for 3 months of Beach Boot Camp. Sadly, I missed today. I think I got about four hours of sleep last night.. Now, they were lovely, peaceful hours of sleep. But when I wasn't sleeping, I was agonizing with my RLS. No laughing! You may have seen RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) advertised on TV. You may have giggled at it. You know, the lengths we go for things to complain about. But it really is quite disruptive. I'll be TIRED and wanting to SLEEP and my legs feel like.. ahh, I can't even describe it. Even though the rest of me is tired, my legs seem to be jumpin' for a sprint. And last night, I hardly believe it, but I swear my ARMS were getting in on the action, too. I figured if I went and worked out in the sun after so little rest, I'd be basically ruining the rest of my day, so instead I slept. And now next weekend I have the option of doing this Bay cleanup thing, so.. Well, we'll see. Maybe the Colonel will let me come on Wednesday night instead, although I don't count on it.

In any case, I got to sleep in a bit with the cats this morning. It may sound silly, but I really appreciate mornings when I can languish in bed a bit. Usually Kitten is in bed with me and Elliot is on the window perch I got for them, but this morning I had one cat on either side of me. They're so content and agreeable while they're dozing; it's nice to be able to stay in bed once in a while. Being home in the morning was nice, too - I had the chance to give the torts a nice little bath and a salad. Oh yeah, and I also got to intervene in Elliot's lizard attacks about five times. I'm starting to figure that chasing/maiming lizards is most of what he does with his day besides sleeping.

Sailing was gorgeous today. Captain Squid, Matty, Kasia (KAH-shuh), and a new sailor, Tasia (TAH-see-uh), and I went out on the Shirley. We had the usual relaxed, sunny, beautiful day we always have out on the water. We were out on the water for well over three hours, and the time flew right by..

Tomorrow morning we're having a dive and an Easter brunch at Mulligans down by the water.. Later on in the day, I plan to get some new purslane plants I have in the ground and plant the sunflower seeds I bought.

Right now, I feel pretty content. I think enjoying the creatures under my care, watering my daisies, watching the birds and butterflies in the backyard, and enjoying this weather, water, and sun in so many ways is pretty good use of my time.

Ah, how I love weekends. :)

Also, look, one of the five eggs hatched! :)

I call bullshit on RLS as an excuse for sleeping through boot camp ;-)
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