Thursday, May 11, 2006
hey. this poor thing has been so neglected, but i haven't even had time to read my email lately, so that should be no surprise.
i went diving yesterday in key largo.  it was faaabulous.  i went with paul and his two friends, joel and travis.  we had a really nice time, and i feel very fortunate that i got to go at all.  they were running late so at 7 a.m., paul called to tell me to go back to sleep and they'd call when they were on their way.  i put my phone ON ME and went back to sleep, knowing if the noise didn't wake me up, then the vibrate would.  yeah, no.  i got a call at 9:10 telling me to get my butt over to the tri-rail station, where i was meeting them.. when i hung up, i saw i had TEN missed calls.  it took me about 15 minutes to quick pack the car and get there.  when i arrived, i asked how long they had waited.  "30-40 minutes."  eek.  so i'm a lucky girl.
the first dive we went to the crayfort(?) reef, the second was at the elbow.  the second dive was just really amazing. no big creatures, but plenty of little ones, and i had a ton of time to just sit and look at everything, under every rock, in every hole.  i saw a couple of cute little eels, bunches of groupers, some hamlets, a ton of damselfish (inc. those baby yellowtails, and they are spectacular!).. good times.  :)
i got home unfortunately late last night so the night dive for tonight had to be manny'd out of.. today and tomorrow are orientation, so the vacation is OVER. 
orientation was fun.  and the cute bulk foods guy was making eyes at me.. hehe.. 
the actual job starts on monday.  ahh.  :)   i still feel so, so lucky to have gotten this job.
the dog is still here, so the cats are still horrified.  his name is bosco and he's a big, adorable puppy.  (well, full-grown dog.)  but the cats aren't so much fans.. i've taken to ushering them in and out of my bedroom over my shoulder.. the dog doesn't get to go in the backyard unattended (seeing as how he seemed to want to use wailey as a chew toy), so the cats are pretty safe back there.  he just wants to sniff them, but he is an awfully big, loud creature, so i understand their fright.
i'll be back in touch soon, hopefully.  i haven't so much as spoken on the phone with anyone as of late.. ay.
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