Saturday, May 20, 2006
  i just thought this pic was kinda funny

it's a kitten for adoption at the shelter. i'm still doing my fluffy checks. weekly now, rather than daily, but i still do them. i still wish that little bugger would come home. i still always hope that the rustling i hear in the bushes is him. usually, though, it's elliot. grr.

anyway, i got to do something good yesterday! i got out of work early so did some shopping at the whole foods and then headed home. i saw an all-white pigeon on one of the lanes next to me. i always am concerned about these birds, usually picking at something in the road, but they always seem to fly away JUST in time to not become roadkill. well, my light turned green and a car came from behind in the lane to the right of the bird, whizzing past and sending the bird into a flutter of confusion. then another car sped through the bird's lane, going right over the bird. he was hit, but i wasn't sure how bad.. all i could see was that he was flailing around in the road.

with the way traffic is on sunrise blvd., i didn't think going back would do much of anything other than to confirm the bird was dead, but i decided to do that just in case. the thought of a bird laying dying on a busy street is just too sad for me. so i did a u-turn and, when i came to the bird, pulled over into the turning lane and hopped out of my car. just in time to see another car fly over the bird. luckily, the rest of the cars going the other direction saw me and stopped so i could run out and scoop up the bird. he was bleeding from his mouth and wing. i figured, at this point, i'd just be giving him a less-scary place to die.

well, he didn't die. i really was expecting him to expire a few moments after getting into the car. i wrapped him in a towel and watched him. his eyes were droopy, and they looked red too. i kept expecting him to die.

i started to worry what i would do with him. he sure wasn't well enough to release, but *i* didn't know what to do with a pigeon with what would probably be a fatal injury. find a vet and ask them to put him down for me? take him home?

wildlife care center!

so i drove there instead. on the way, the bird seemed to perk up a couple of times, so i had to set him on my lap so he wouldn't try to fly. by the time i got him to the WCC, i started to have hope that he'd be okay. the intake woman said that they'd do a crop test to see if he'd need to be put to sleep or not, but that he looked pretty perky, so that it certainly wasn't a definite thing. i asked them to email me if they could to update me. we'll see if they do. :)

anyway, i got a pic or two of him that i need to upload.

other than that.. job is going great. it turns out maybe marketing IS a good field for me; i certainly am finding this interesting.

i just got home from a morning workout on the beach.. it was a really good one, and i felt good the first time. yay - the first of these classes where i didn't have to stop mid-bicep-curl to let a wave of nausea pass by. after that, i just HAD to go in the ocean.. it was all calm and cool. i don't let no lack of swimsuit hold me back, neither - i went in my shorts and sportsbra. :D so it was a fabulous morning.

anyway, i'm tired. i think it's time for a nap on the hammock. :)

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