Wednesday, May 17, 2006
  Rainy Day Woman

Pleasure to eyes., originally uploaded by 小辣子3.

So the weather certainly has sucked here in South Florida this week. Rain, rain, rain. Actually, I think the sun peeked out for a few minutes today, but I was at work so it really doesn't matter.

Of course, this is also appreciated because I don't have to spend my time wondering how limp the plants have gotten outside nor do I want to cry when I get in my ghetto, no-A/C-havin' car.

I've been a bit down this week. This is strange because I really am enjoying my new job. But once I get home, I have only wanted to hug my cats hello and then get straight into the pajamas. Maybe it's the rain.

I've watched more TV this week than I have in the past few months, I think. This includes that show 'Grey's Anatomy' which had a TWO-HOUR season finale the other night. It made me cry twice. It probably had lots more sad stuff, but I find myself constantly distracted by how skinny and unhealthy-looking Ellen Pompeo, the main star, is.

She is supposed to be a stressed-out, overworked resident. But still.. Ick.

Speaking of eating disorders (not really, but I have no other segues), I think half the reason I've been so moody is because, as oft-bitched about on here, I still don't fit into my regular clothes. And now I have a job where I can wear mostly whatever I want.. But nothing fits! Seems stupid that a reaction to that is get sad and lay on the couch, I know. Ah well. Soon enough. If I keep getting frustrated, eventually I will get motivated! Either that or someone I know well enough to want me in their wedding better get engaged; it's what worked last time. :) In the meantime, I'm trying to run and be faithful about my weekend workouts. The gym routine has been left behind the past couple of weeks, but.. well, I'll get back there.

I have been eating pretty well, though. I've been good about bringing my lunch rather than buying it, making my coffee at home in the morning (with a little bit of sugar) rather than buying my beloved Dunkin Donuts sugar bombs, and continuing to eat healthy once I get home. Now if I could just get my water intake up to where it should be.. Constant battle, I tell ya.

Anyway, since I haven't had much time to write to anyone this weekend: the job is going well. I'm still so happy that I got the job. I work with great people. I am learning interesting things. I'm enjoying myself. Even the things that in the past have been my necessary-but-evil job duties (e.g. copying, filing) have been done happily and with pride - I understand why they're being done. None of it feels like time filler, at all. It's just so different and so great. Yay. :)

I'm glad you are enjoying your new job! And I'm with you on the working out thing- I'm so bad about not doing that. Oh well. Hopefully you'll get some sunshine this weekend!
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