Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  The kittens, flushing toilets, etc.

Kittens100106 003, originally uploaded by estacey.

They are at a very fun stage right now. It's all cuddling and fighting! Cuddling, fighting, more fighting. Okay, time to nap.

They also like to snuggle with me at night. And try to walk on the keyboard whenever I'm on the computer. Like right now. Go away!

Thank gosh I have the kittens - always a topic to write about, without resorting to how hot the new Danish chick on Law & Order is. (Hey, as a Norwegian-Danish American, I don't often have the opportunity to be proud of my peeps - what, with all the whaling & Muslim cartoons - so I gotta take it where I can get it.)

Anyway, last night they were stalking one another. At the same time. I think they would realize there would be no element of surprise once they realized that their "prey" was also crouching low to the ground and stomping its back paws.

Then they attacked poor Oreo's tail. That made her grumpy. She made the devil-cat noise and flipped her tail around, annoyed. Which only more enticed the kittens. Eventually she would play-attack them. Like she really wanted to go for blood, but the second her teeth locked around their neck, she morphed into Good Mamacat and groomed them instead.

Okay, enough cat talk.

Chris and I have known each other now for two months. As of today. This is weird, although I can't explain how, exactly. (Actually, we kinda met two years ago this weekend. Well, not really. But we were both at the Columbus Day Regatta in 2004, rafted up just one boat away from each another. I very well may have walked by a passed-out Chris on the neighboring catamaran's trampoline!) But, anyway, what a happy thing. :)

You know, he was showing me some of his vacation pics the other day, from the days before digital. The pictures were in photo albums. It was really retro. Anyway, one of the albums had the picture of a flushing toilet on it. "Um, Chris, why does one of your albums have a toilet bowl on the cover?" I asked him. "Those are my Australia pics," he answered. "Huh?" "You know, the toilet flushes the other way around there..." he started to explain. Of course! That cracked me the hell up. Cute, cute Chris. :)

um, yes, how long would your blog be without kittens and cats... :-P

Everytime I go to Peru I try to remember to check the water in the toilet. I never remember. But then it makes you wonder - if there is a western toilet exactly on the equator - and there must be at least one - what way does the water go when you flush there?
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