Saturday, November 25, 2006

bunny / tortoise enclosure, originally uploaded by estacey.

i really could not think of a better subject line.

so what have i been up to?

wednesday i worked at one of the stores, which was kinda fun. it's certainly nice to get out of the office, and the vibe at the store is always pretty good. i worked up a sweat helping out in the bakery and, the rest of the time, wandered around and tried to look useful. you gotta give those people a lot of credit. we people with office jobs have a pretty cushy day, even if it's just a moment to breathe here and there. an email from your sister. a few minutes to make a cup of coffee. you don't really get that luxury working at lots of places, though.

thursday i went to do the cat thing at petsmart in the morning, then chris & i went to patty's for thanksgiving dinner. unfortunately, due to the fact that i am horribly allergic to animals yet spent my day 1) cleaning cat cages and hugging the cats inside, 2) giving the smelly puggles baths, and 3) tending to the bunny rabbit - well, i wasn't feeling so hot. it was like having thanksgiving in wisconsin! so i squinted my way through dinner, then we came home. we had another thing to go to, which i told chris he was welcome to do without me, but he chose to stay in instead. we're old, ya know. 8 o'clock seems very late when you're old. so instead of drinking our way through another dinner, i took a looooong shower. he made me tea. we ate pecan pie. i fell asleep watching happy gilmore.

yesterday, hmm.. well, i bought some mangos. went to the bookstore. chris had an emergency to tend to at work for a little while, but couldn't drive 'cause of an eye exam, so i drove him there. went home to love on my kitties. we ate mexican food. after dark, we went on a long boat ride. he let me drive, which was fun. then we started a fire.

today the weather is nice. 78 degrees! warmest it's been in a while. i think we're taking the dogs to the park later.

the picture here is outside of chris's bedroom window. see, he has these wall things.. walking around out there one day, i realized that, save for two small gaps, the whole front of the yard was enclosed, thanks to the walls. i think the walls are there for privacy - you can still see outside, but the walls block the view inside from the street. i mentioned it'd be a great place for george the bunny to run around, so last weekend he enclosed the gaps. i brought the torts over last tuesday and they escaped the cold weather outside in a cardboard box in chris's guest shower. now that it's warmer out, i put them out there with george. it has to be, oh, ten times bigger than the enclosure they have at my house, so they're probably enjoying themselves. and it has lots of hiding spots. lots of bushes to tuck under. lots of places to feel safe. it's great.

the best part is, now the front room and bedroom windows look out into the enclosure, so you can see the bunny hopping or bjorn stomping around when you look outside. :)

that's my update. very ex-citing, i know.

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