Sunday, November 05, 2006
  key west...

good times., originally uploaded by estacey.

was a blast!

pics are up, but i don't really feel much like writing, so that will have to wait.

we came back today fairly early since chris had a flight to catch. but, um, he missed it. so now he's flying out in the morning instead.

anyway, very nice. chris picked a really cute place to stay last night. adorable! they had a baby and a dog and lots of birds and plants everywhere.. a nice little pool.. it was just gorgeous. we were in the audubon room. great bathroom. great place to lay in the bathtub this morning and hate life; i think we overdid it a bit last night, but hey, a good time is worth a headache, right? it was just so pretty today, though - the b&b had cute little birds everywhere, the sun was out.. it just felt WRONG to feel so bad when it was so gorgeous outside. i felt better on the drive home, luckily, because that was far too gorgeous to feel sick for, too.

lucky for me, chris let me drive.. you know, taking the seasick routine - if someone is seasick, let them take the helm. so i drove home. gotta love convertibles. nice ones. seriously, coming from a stripped-down civic, a mercedes is awe-inspiring.. it has heated seats (handy friday night).. the volume on the radio lowers when you slow down (and the engine is making less noise). it has one of those gps navigator things so you don't get lost. and it's fast! i got up to 95! as in mph!

it's a testament to what a good guy chris is that he trusted me to drive at all, after friday night's events... to save my reputation, i think i'll leave that story out. for now, at least. although, ha, after i lamented to chris tonight that i wished i had gotten it up to 100, ya know, since i was only 5 miles away anyway, he didn't seem to share my enthusiasm and said that'd be the last time i drove that car. but we won't talk about how fast he was going over the seven-mile bridge on friday night..

chris's friend lally got a screen capture of us outside of sloppy joe's, and it's on his website, but i don't know what his website is!

anyway, great weekend. first time i got to actually go out in key west, and it was certainly the right company for it. chris is a blast and adorable to boot. he was playing the rocky theme song on his phone in the mexican restaurant we ate at, drowning out the carefully chosen mood music the restaurant had chosen (at least for the couple of tables by us). i was simultaneously mortified - we were getting funny looks from another table - and filled with goddamn adoration for the boy. :) such a good-natured, cute, sweet boy. :) so i guess it didn't really matter what the folks at the other table thought. or the waiter, who it turned out just seemed amused anyway.

so yeah, good times. :)

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