Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  good morning, good morning
(someone just watched singin' in the rain for her film class.)

so today i am 29. doesn't feel so different than yesterday.

i was 10 minutes late for work, and when i got here i made some coffee, then ripped open a pack of sugar while holding open the garbage can to toss in the empty packet. instead, i dumped the packet of sugar in the garbage can. at least i didn't try to stir it in.

this painting amuses me.

so far, i have been quite good about my new year's resolutions. the healthy eating basically goes out the window on the weekends, but hey. also, sticking to only spending $100 a week is much easier when your boyfriend buys your $30 dinner at bahia cabana.

one thing i definitely can claim for doing on my own is the exercising. i am trying really hard to not allow myself to excuse myself out of doing anything. i'm busy, yes, but that doesn't mean staying healthy should be thrown by the wayside. so last night, after tending to oreo and the bunny, after feeding and petting the dogs, after getting all my shit together to go home, after waiting for chris in the driveway so i could give him a goodbye kiss, after going to the store and driving home, after swiffering the whole house because it smelled like a wild animal had gotten in the house (the proof was the dirty paw marks on my toilet seat), after scrubbing my bedroom floor numerous times with resolve, febreze, and peppermint soap, after wanting to give up on math about five times because it made no sense but sticking with it because i have to get through this class, after doing laundry... it was 10 p.m. and i went for a jog anyway. an hour-long jog that involved dips, crunches, lunges, and pushups. ooh, and the plank! then i showered, watched seinfeld while working on speech, and finally got to sleep around 1 a.m.

so.. so far, at least in that regard, i'm pretty proud of myself.
i'm still patiently waiting to see a real change in my body from all this.. the scale doesn't move much, but i am somehow slightly less depressed when i look in the mirror these days.. i can't figure out if that's a physical change or just one of attitude, though.
in any case, healthy is more important than hot. a point of which i have to remind myself. :)

on another subject, my kitten amuses the hell out of me.
she kept following me around the house last night. bedroom, kitchen, bathroom - she was always there. staring. then this morning, even better - she was sitting all of two feet away from me, on the other side of the shower curtain... facing away from me. cats are so weird. so hot/cold (at the same time).

okay, no mas babbling!
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