Saturday, February 24, 2007
  I bet she says this to all her students.
I started my speech last night. That I gave today.
Sadly, that's the way I have to do things that I am not looking forward to.

Our speech class was meeting in halves today - we should've had about 12 kids. Yeah, we had four. That made things a bit easier and less nerve-wracking; on our 4-6 minute speech, I talked for nearly 10 minutes. Going long really is not a good thing.

Still, this is the email I got from our cheerleader-like teacher:

You did an AWESOME job on your speech today!

The movie that proves it can be accessed at this address:

To view the movie, copy and paste this address into an internet browser, click go, then sit back and enjoy! After you watch your movie, complete your self-evaluation according to the guidelines on the assignment sheet, and you're done!

With your permission, I'd like to use your movie as a sample speech in future classes. It was really very well-done!

Relax this weekend! You've earned the right!

I can't even watch the movie of the speech because I can't get past how bad I look (and why didn't I check this in the mirror before I left) but whatever... I'm happy it's done with. You know I started and paid for this class a good two years ago and WITHDREW THE DAY BEFORE OUR FIRST SPEECH. So I'm glad I at least went this time!

I tried to access the speech of a girl in my class but it's not working. She's so darn cute, I'm tellin' ya. Very typical Hispanic girl, I think she's Colombian. Manicured & pedicured, big ol' rock from her husband, big curly dark hair, beautiful dark eyes, big boobs (well-displayed of course), big ol butt, and evenly distributed (thin) layer of fat that manages to look really good on her. And such an accent! "Strategy" was literally pronounced "ESS-strat-uh-zhee" - the whole E before the S thing always happens with accented folks (hence the eStacey) but she hers was.. yeah, more than a hint. I think I'm so amused by the latinas because I am, like, opposite. I just don't have the energy for all that.. and no matter; I got no boobs, no ass.. my fat is in all the wrong places.. And, well, I can say "strategy" like a motherfucker. I guess there are bright sides.

We were done early since no one showed, so I did some phototherapy. Pics at Flickr.
You did a great job on the speech!!!
awesome job on the speech! i thought you looked perfectly cute like always, but i suppose i haven't seen you in motion and/or with sound (only still photos) in like 7 years, so i may not be the best judge.

it's always nice to see a powerpoint without lots of extraneous crap (silly pointless effects, too much color, etc.) and wireless clickers are niiiiice. :)
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