Sunday, February 25, 2007
  weekend report
pretty low-key weekend 'round here.

friday night: created speech, had cereal for dinner at 12:30 a.m. fell asleep with oreo cuddled under my arm. the night before, sebastian slept with me. so it turns out that big bed wasn't so lonely after all.

saturday: woke up at 9:30 to practice speech. went to speech. felt very relieved to have it over with. and it turns out i earned a perfect score! ha ha ha! then i took lots of pictures.

playin' with the settings

then chris was back. he made pasta. began to watch the graduate for film class. fell asleep halfway through.

sunday: woke up at 10:30 (ahhhhhhhh). realized i had another dream - my second - involving me finding pets i had forgotten i had. this time, it was a turtle. i forgot it in an aquarium outside during the winter. thankfully, it was still alive.

this reinforces that i need to do something about my cats at my house; it's an idea weighing on my subconscious. chris said i could bring them here. that idea makes me nervous - how will they adjust? will oreo be mean? will they cope with not getting to sleep in a bed? but i don't really know any alternatives, aside from staying at home more. and, really, in order to spend more time with the cats, that would mean going home on the weekends. for the sole reason of spending time with the cats. and, knowing them, they'd be outside anyway. they're not dogs; they are not going to come in for me. so, yeah, it's a tough one. and the only way to solve this problem, i think, is to heed chris's advice, and bring them over here.

then it's time to come up with a living situation i'd be happy with. i don't spend much where i'm at, but i also don't use it. and once the cats aren't there? it'd be smarter to spend just a little more and get a place closeby - close to work, close to chris's. all i could afford is a little studio or something, but it may make more sense. i fear the idea of a studio, but reality is that i don't leave my room much at my place anyway; a studio may even offer more living space than i have there! i dunno; it's something to think about. but damn, it sucks - all the decent places seem to hover around $800-900. and i cannot even begin to think of spending more than $100 or so more than i spend now. it would just be dumb, considering all it is for me is a place to sleep a few nights a week, a place to keep my books.

anyway, then what did i do? my chris made french toast for breakfast. french toast is quickly becoming a food group for me. i made a mental note to make sure to make it for him next sunday. then i fell asleep on the front room couch with oreo on one side of me and my head on sebastian's belly on the other. when i woke up, still feeling heavy, i wondered what the fuck is wrong with and why can't i seem to wake up sometimes? then i watched the rest of the graduate - which i liked. chris fell asleep by my side, and that was nice. sometimes i get to thinking about stuff too much, and worrying about stuff too much, and then i get a dose of quality time and fell all better. and that's good stuff.

when the movie was over, i got up and all of a sudden felt refreshed and like myself again! for the first time in, what, a week? then, for the first time in a good three weeks, i wanted to go for a jog. so i sang as i got dressed, sang as i found shoes, sang as i shook sand out of shoes, found socks, braided hair, put on hat, put sebastian on leash, drank lots of water... and opened the door to this:

sunny & raining

"nuh UH." after all, from inside, it looked sunny!

i took some pictures to pass the time.

sunny but raining a little

when it slowed a little, i decided we would go anyhow.

patty was coming home from trying to jog with hecubus, unsuccessfully. the little dogs is crazy.

patty & hecubus

the sun.. um, sat. setted. set. whatever.

sunset in the 'hood

we stopped and chatted with this fella and his dog. then sebastian got scared of the dog and that was the end of that. i like how this picture looks mostly black and white. or desaturated of color, at least.

we went to run on the beach, but the damn jellyfish were everywhere.

the beach was covered in these

doesn't bother me, but poor sebastian has stepped on them before.

so we just ran in the soft part of the sand for a while, then back on the street.

happiness on a leash

we got rained on some more. i came home and did homework. yada, yada, yada, the weekend is over and it's time for bed!
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