Friday, March 23, 2007
  guess who's tired

and who can't sleep...

tonight was the cats. i had some great, great news there. this nice kitty named marty has been there since i've started volunteering. he disappears every now and then, but that's to de-stress at the shelter after being at petsmart.

sometimes i understand why certain cats haven't been adopted. for example, freckles the really fat tortoiseshell who did nothing at all except lay in her bed - i literally would move her in the bed from her cage to the floor to another cage and she'd just lay there - except she always wanted you to pet her and when you stopped you'd have to do it ninjalike or she'd scratch you in protest.. yeah, she's no longer at petsmart, but i'm 99% sure that means she's sleeping in her bed on the petsmart cat lady's bookshelf or something, 'cause no one is going to adopt that cat! so anyway, sometimes i understand.

other times, as with marty, i don't. he's a nice little cat. playful, sweet, nice... an all-around good cat. doesn't beg for attention, but when you give it to him, he appreciates it. he's been a homeless cat since he was a kitten, and just didn't deserve it.

but tonight..! a little girl came in with her mom and right away set her sights on marty. even despite the stiff competition, such as a super-soft tiny girl calico, and a cat much like oreo but without all the attitude - the cat literally HUGGED me the first time i opened the door. they ended up looking at the other cats, but the little girl kept coming back to marty. yayayayayay!

i have to stop doing the cats next semester. there is just no way i can keep it up then, taking even more classes. but man, i'll miss it.

when i came out afterwards, my car was dead. ha ha ha. it would seem that my brakelights decided to stay on after i shut off my car.

i stopped off at my house, and made sure the lights turned off when i turned off the car. i went inside and had a massive guilt attack about my kitties and being such an awful mama to them. but i had to go back to chris's tonight in case my car is dead again in the morning, so i can take his spare car. so three minutes after i turned off my car, i went to start it back up and.... it was dead again. ha ha ha!

i'm so tired - i was barely awake when dealing with my car two hours ago - but am all jumpy and can't sleep.

maybe i'll read some more and it'll help me to fall asleep. this book is really good. it's gotten me to thinking a lot, too - these women who have stayed working are all so dedicated to their jobs. that's such a foreign concept to me. i assumed at first it's 'cause it's just not on my nature... then i realized i have never had a job that really challenged me, that allowed me to really use my mind and talents on a daily basis. so we'll see if that changes someday...

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