Monday, June 04, 2007
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pretty in pink, originally uploaded by Steve took it.

i did a search for 'gah' and i got this. :)

okay, so how is this for frustration? chris's a/c doesn't work in the corolla now - it's like i'm CURSED. i can get it fixed but i have to wait until i actually have a lunch hour free to do that, and considering i have kittens to nurse, i don't know when that's possible. also, our lunch "hour" only lasts 30 minutes.

so i ran home at, like, 1 to feed the kittens. by the time i got here, i was DYING. it's like, what, mid-80s outside? me in jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. no a/c. run around here like a madwoman, then hop back in the car with my lunch to go back to work. then i get the bridge, of COURSE. it takes me 20 minutes to get, like, four miles.

i get back to work and a co-worker who can hardly move with stomach issues asks me to run down the street to the walgreens for some prilosec. i comply. in my jeans and long-sleeve shirt.

i get back to the office and my head is pounding from the heat. soon enough, i get that feeling in my head. i start to feel nauseous, so i go take the imitrex i was just prescribed. soon, i get the warm feeling the doc told me about. only my head still hurts, and i'm still nauseous. i go in the bathroom and get sick, which makes my head hurt worse. i was seeing stars. i start crying. enough already!

but then i took some deep breaths and got up to go back to my desk to log out and go home. and i realize my head is feeling better.

of course, now i have the hot-ass ride home in the car so i decide i'll take a dip in the pool when i get here. i change into my bathing suit, grab a towel, then go to open the freezer door to get some frozen treats for the dogs. instead, for some reason, i open the fridge door and a bottle of pineapple juice that i JUST OPENED and WHICH COST $6 flies out and breaks all over the floor.

so instead of getting to cool down in the pool, i instead get to shop-vac the kitchen floor and pick up lots of little pieces of broken glass. lucky for me, patty was here and she helped.

i did make it to the pool, finally, and i do feel better now. a little funny - i'm going back and forth on whether i should go for a jog tonight. but better. no headache. so i guess imitrex is pretty freaking amazing because i am pretty sure i would otherwise be crying in bed right now. instead, i played with the dogs, gave them baths in the pool, fed the kittens, took some cute pictures of them, ate dinner, and now am...?


Immitrex works wonders... I gave up on patience and trying to figure out whether chocolate or any other damned food was triggering the migraines when they got bad enough that i was throwing up.

The trick with Immitrex is to try to figure out how to tell when you're just barely starting to get a migraine and take the Immitrex right away. It does a much better and faster job if you take it before the pain gets bad at all. This can be tricky if you get multiple different headache types (like migraines, sinus headaches, caffeine withdrawal, etc.), but if you're really just getting migraines, then you'll probably get the hang of it pretty quick.

Also, in a pinch, you can try caffeine if you don't have the Immitrex handy or if it isn't working fast enough, though caffeine + Immitrex might raise one's blood pressure... I forget. Both can act as vasocontstrictors, shrinking the blood vessels in the brain, which is (I think this is still the current theory) what causes migraines.
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