Thursday, June 14, 2007
  Los planes del weekend
So Chris is looking to upgrade his boat. A little bigger, something with a CABIN – and you have no idea how excited I am about that one. A cabin! To escape the rain! Whee! Chris was so anti-cabin before, before he got his 1st boat. I guess all that subliminal messaging I’ve done while he’s slept has worked.

He put a deposit down on one in Jacksonville, so we’re going to go see it on Saturday. We’re leaving at, like, 4:30 a.m. – feeding the dogs before we leave and taking the kittens along since I don’t want them alone all day. Hopefully they don’t get car sick or anything.

As for the Dirty B, it's on sale on eBay if you want to check it out. :)

I have a lot to do this weekend - with a lit mid-term next Wednesday, I have to prepare for that, as well as do a couple of units for math and an additional homework project for Saturday or Sunday or whatever day that is. Yay. I heart school.

Seriously, the lit class is soooo boring. Like, these writers CANNOT say "face." Oh, no - they say countenance. Everything is just so flowery and annoying, and hard to read. Hard to stay focused on. I so didn't want to take early American lit., but it was the only one that worked out, schedulewise. And if I didn't take early American lit., I would've had to take early English lit, and jesus that would be no better (probably just as boring, but with an accent, and would force me to mispronounce things like "schedule" in my head).

I got the Omnivore's Dilemma yesterday. I had a serious need to de-stress after my day, and didn't know what to do, so went to the bookstore. Shannon buys shoes, I buy books; that's the way it is. It looks really good, and I have heard so much about it -- I hope I have some time to read it. As for the subject, maaaaan - I feel like I cannot make a RIGHT food choice these days. I should just start growing everything myself. But that's probably detrimental to the environment somehow.

I do think I am going to buy a share of a CSA this winter. Maybe even a share of eggs, too! More on this later.
K, so you pestered me to update my blog when your sweet shy cousin hasn't updated for ELEVEN days.

:) You just want to know how things are going...

I'll never tell.

But hey...awesome choice, buying books. I do that too. To a ridiculous extent of financial flamboyance.

Have fun with the CABINated boat looking and sweet kittens that won't get carsick. ;)
ha ha - getting that girl to update her blog is pretty much a lost cause.
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