Wednesday, July 04, 2007
  what a shit day
so we're goin' on day 7 of the headache. no, day 6. whatever.

it's actually a little better, now that i took the maxalt an hour or so ago. i haven't taken anything in days since it wasn't helping it last week anyway, but today it was just so bad i had to try.

my day today has been comprised of watching t.v., reading, and sleeping. yeeee-ha. a gorgeous day off and this is how i spent it.

also, probably on account of the fact that i have watched more t.v. in the past month than i probably had in the past year, last night i was officially bored. but there really wasn't anything i felt like doing, headache-ridden and all. i haven't actually been bored except when being held captive in work or at class for ages. it's a pretty awful feeling! it makes me wonder about those folks who live for t.v... isn't that just,well, boring? (although, there may be a law & order on now, and since i have nothing else to do anyway...) all this inactivity and boredom is making me downright depressed. seriously.

i did watch borat, though, which was pretty damn funny. i like the dinner scene. then i slept. then i woke up and still felt like shit so i took a shower and then watched the usual suspects, mostly because it was one of the few movies in the room that i hadn't seen in a while. a decade, probably. sadly, i remembered how it ended, but it was interesting re-watching it with that tidbit of information.

chris went to some bbq today, which i had passed on well in advance since the main course was a freshly-slaughtered lamb from one of those places in hialeah. yeah, south florida has places you can go to and pick out your own, still-living, still-adorable creatures and say, "that's what i want for lunch today. kill it!" i was highly unimpressed with the idea. i mean, i'm fine hangin' out with folks eating cheeseburgers and all, but... a little, killed-specifically-for-today lamb? yeah, no thanks. but now chris has been gone for hours and i'm bored out of my skull and.. bleh.

thankfully, the headache is back to only slightly annoying, not painful. and tomorrow, i go to the doc. and fireworks are in a couple of hours. fireworks are always good, even if the sand will be wet.

oh, hey -
law & order question
i've not been so good in ages about watching the regular law & order. but i watched one day last week and that one dude, uh..

this one:

he was all wearing a $300 shirt and driving a hardtop mercedes convertible that looks suspiciously like the lemon chris had. this was all in one episode and remarked-upon, which made it quite obvious he had another source of income. did anything ever become of that? was he bein' dirty? i hate it when i get out of the law & order loop. like the time i was watching a rerun of SVU and alexandra cabot was retrieved from wisconsin (ha ha) for a case, where she had been hiding in the witness protection program. apparently she had been killed, or seemed to have been killed. i'm like, what?! a.d.a. cabot had been killed?! yeah, and i call myself a law & order fan.

okay, enough whining - happy 4th of july!
Hmm.. I hate it when I miss a show for a long period of time and I come back to it and things are totally different!

On another note, I eat meat but I don't think I'd be able to go to a cookout where they picked out their own lamb either. I don't even like going to red lobster and seeing people pick out their poor rubber-banded lobster to eat.
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