Wednesday, January 30, 2008
  Big-ass truck.

Big-ass truck., originally uploaded by estacey.

This is the vehicle. It's quite fun to drive, and excellent because the rear window rolls down. You get some convertible-like wind action goin' on when all the windows are down.

However, anyone that is familiar with my lack of driving/parking skills will be amused when trying to picture me trying to park this bad boy. I had to try in three different spots the other day at a shopping center parking lot. Tights spots = no good!

At Christmas, I went to the mall and ended up stuck with a tight spot. I was trying to park it, and it was much like the scene from Austin Powers: forward, back, forward, back. The best part, probably, is that to passers-by I look really pathetic since I probably have five feet of space but am taking no chances, so go forward and back, repeat. Anyway, so this dude in a big Ford truck stops to watch the spectacle, along with his buddies. (They probably thought I was leaving and they were going to snake the spot, but then they just decided they'd stay and give me a hard time.) Now, it's hard enough for me to park this truck without an audience, but having them laughing at me (I assume) while I do my thing... That's too much! So finally, hot and red, I rolled down my window and said, "Could you PLEASE go away?!" The guy is like, "What, am I making you NERVOUS?" Exasperated, I yelled back: "YES, YOU ARE!" Taking pity upon me, he laughed and drove away. Oh, those chick drivers!

Chris assures me this thing is easier to back in than it is to pull in forward. I'll have to practice that someday, but maybe I have to find an empty lot since I don't want to practice on OPP. 'Til then, I'll keep hoping I can find a nice spot at the back of the lot. :D

Wow. That's a big truck. Way to kick mother nature in the crotch!
haha! yeah, would you believe it's the most environmentally friendly option? since he does a LOT more driving for work, so he takes the much more fuel-efficient corolla. i drive very little in comparison, so i take the gas hog.

the next vehicle purchase is going to be a hybrid, but because of the boat we'll always have a big truck!
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