Saturday, January 26, 2008
  This new gig ROCKS!
You know, the one where I go to school?

We're in Orlando right now.

See, Chris has a conference to attend here, starting Friday. Because of this new schedule, I was able to come along. We came here on Thursday, and I just had to skip my two Friday classes. This wouldn't always be possible, like if I had a test or something, but nothing crucial was happening, so it was possible. (In the future, I'm going to try to schedule classes for Tuesday and Thursday instead. I have no idea if that's possible to get 5 classes in on two days, but I can certainly try!) Of course, Sunday at home is going to be a little slice of hell. I have LOTS to do - a paper to write, a whole bunch of studying to do for my first Lit Theory test, etc. But it all evens out... Three days of chillin', 1 day of working hard. S'all good.

Anyway, so Chris has to go to his conference and learn about fun stuff (I won't even go there), and then we get to go and do fun stuff. Today was Universal Studios. We discovered that apparently winter on a weekday is the best time to be at a theme park here -- there were no lines! Seriously! It would say "15 minutes" as the wait time at the entrance to the ride, but then we'd just literally run through to the actual ride and board. It was awesome. We went on everything, but we're old so we only went on everything once. Rollercoasters are great, but afterwards I have a generally-icky feeling for a little while. And after, like, six things that make your stomach go into your throat, it's kinda like, um, okay, I've had enough for a while.

There was a movie theater there, too, so we decided to see something. I said, "Hey, how about 27 Dresses?" Chris, having seen the previews for this movie, wanted to avoid it at all costs. "Rambo?" he replied. I firmly nixed this by saying, "Remember the last Rocky?" Chris conceded to my point. We shot around a few ideas. I said the 2nd National Treasure would be alright, if he liked the first one? No, he didn't. We talked some more about our options. I came back to 27 Dresses. And then he said, okay, let's see National Treasure. "Nuh-uh!" I said, looking disappointed. "Oh, OKAY." Chris walked up to the ticket counter. "Two for 27 Dresses." The ticket lady started to ring the tickets up. Then Chris asked, "Is this a chick flick?" The lady looked at me and looked at him and said, "Um, yeah." I could tell she wasn't sure if she should tell the truth or not, for my sake, but there was really no getting around the fact that THIS WAS A CHICK FLICK. Chris is like, "Aww, MAN!" I just started laughing and said, "He must really like me." He must. :)

Of course, I had to hit him numerous times throughout the movie to stop being so cynical. And there was one time he dropped my hand and said he was going to leave. That had to have been during a mushy part. Ahh, my Chris. He really is too funny. We're all sorts of mushy, but he likes to pretend he hates it in the movies. :D

By the way, it was a pretty cute movie. Much better than Knocked Up, the last romantic comedy I dragged him too, also starring Katherine Heigl. Chris agreed with that point, although I don't know if he would agree with the "'pretty cute" part.

I've wanted to go to Animal Kingdom for a long time, so tomorrow we're doing that. I've always been apprehensive about it. After all, it's like a theme park with a zoo, basically. Sounds like a horrible combination, right? And everyone assumes I love zoos, but that ain't the case. Almost every time I go to a zoo, I end up getting depressed, worrying over a particular animal showing that depressed-captive behavior. Like that damn hyena in the zoo in Madison that was obsessively pacing back and forth in its cage. You couldn't pay me to go back to that zoo. Other zoos are better, of course... The National Zoo was alright; I don't remember leaving there depressed. But anyway, Disney actually has a really good reputation. They're accredited, they support the AZA, etc. So I hope their reputation is reflected in the exhibits so there aren't a bunch of bored animals tomorrow.

It's late, so I guess I'll go back to bed now. Waking out of a deep sleep for the evening shower is always such a mistake...
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