Tuesday, January 22, 2008
  oreo really got lucky

oreo is so over cage life, originally uploaded by estacey.

i was trying to figure out when oreo came here to see when she was due for her shots again... i used flickr for that. flickr is so handy for so many things, esp. when you're meticulous about tagging pics the way i am.

she was at the petco or whatever that place was for 6 weeks or so, during which time she turned really mean, out of misery in the situation. not only was it sad, but was a pretty self-sustaining thing: she got mean from being at the adoption center, no one would adopt her since she was mean, she would stay at the adoption center, she would get mean from being there, etc. that's when chris said, "bring her over here." and so i did.

she's still a little asshole; for example, she waits at the door when i open it JUST to make sure that kitten doesn't dare to come in. of course, i don't tolerate this behavior at all and have taken to kicking her out whenever she's mean to the poor docile kitten. she always knows what's up, too. when she's mean, i get angry and come after her. she run-waddles in her little fat-cat way into the bedroom to get away from me. it never works and she makes horrible "she's killing me!" noises the whole time i walk her to the door. fun stuff.

but all in all, she's a pretty good little cat. she spends 95% of her time in the house... the only times she goes outside is when we kick her out or she wants to eat some grass. most of the time, she's in here sleeping, playing, or eating. she spends a lot of time talking to us. whining, i should say. it's kind of a joke around here. "mrow! mrow! mrow!" ALL THE TIME.

also, she has some totally weird behavior that you cannot sit on the toilet without her jumping on your lap. seriously. you could sneak by her, fast asleep on the bed, and the SECOND you sit down, you see her making a mad dash into the bathroom. i guess it's because it's the one place she gets undivided attention, but.. you know, sometimes you're not really in it for the long haul. sometimes you just wanna pee! it's seriously weird. she's, like, OBSESSED with sitting on our laps when we're in the bathroom. it's really... well, it's weird. but it's funny, too. anytime you see her running at you with that concentrated look on her face. "i'm gonna DO this!" well, you just have to laugh.

so all in all, i got to thinking tonight.. when chris was having a "mrow?" "mrow!" conversation with her... that she really does add enjoyment to our lives. even if she's a little jerk to the other cats and makes going potty a never-solo experience.

now looking at these pictures, i am thinking - wow, she's lucky i'm the one that got the call when she was found knocked up at that boatyard. and she's really lucky that i found me such a good boy, who gave her a home and, well, puts up with her too. (and even talks cat back to her!)

we're all very lucky. the thought doesn't often escape me.

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