Wednesday, February 06, 2008
  2 new toys in 2 days

2 new toys in 2 days, originally uploaded by estacey.

The laptop came, early! Yay! It's great!
I was checking the door all day for the DHL guy. He laughed at me when he finally showed up at NEARLY FIVE PM and I met him at the door. Well, outside the door. Outside the gate. Um... at the door of his van. Opening his door for him. (The sad part is, I only made up that last sentence.)

One big gripe is that the Internet runs really slow on it. I've done some searching and it seems that there are some bugs... I've done the fixes that I've found and they haven't helped. I want to see how it runs on the school's network tomorrow. If no change, then I'll have to call Dell and see what they say. It runs so slow that sometimes the pages just go blank and it says Page Cannot Be Displayed. Quite frustrating.

But other than that, I really like it. I like this OS, too, although it'll take a little getting used to. And I know I will work out the Internet thing, because otherwise it will make me tear my hair out. Chris's computer actually runs slow too - we have two ancient computers and they both run fast (one desktop and one laptop on the wireless) and then both of these nice, new laptops run horrendously. Maybe we have to do something to our wireless router?

It's heavy, but in turn it has a HUGE screen. Huge. That makes me so happy. And I have two batteries. Oh, yeah, and it has a built-in webcam. That's GREAT. It's what I used to take this pic, duh, but it has all these features. When we're not here, we can leave it here and check on the dogs via the Internet, or set it on Motion Detection and see what on earth the cats are doing while we're gone.

Yesterday, my new MP3 player came. See, last week while driving to school in a mad rush, I was doing the stupid driving-multi-tasking thing and ended up plugging my MP3 player into my phone charger. Yes, it fit! But, uh, it ruined the MP3 player. So I shopped around and decided on this tiny, adorable third-generation Nano. I shouldn't have spent the money, but I had a gift certificate to Amazon by cashing in my coins at the Albertson's, so I had a rationalization. Ha.

I'm not thrilled about this whole iTunes thing, but I guess I'll cope. Because of it, I have yet to load any music onto the player - I need more time! - but hopefully can maybe do that tomorrow night. It does seem like the iTunes environment is more conducive to actually downloading informative podcasts, and now videocasts that I have the capability. So while I have a few minutes here and there, I can watch videos about orphaned organutans and stuff! I mean, I could do that with another video player, but since I'm FORCED to use iTunes, I'm actually checking this stuff out (whereas otherwise I may not).

Uh, okay, it's time for bed. I really don't think I'm ever going to get to bed before 2 on a school night. Now last night I was asleep by 12, when I could sleep as late as I wanted to today. But tonight, when I gotta be up at 7, I'm up until now. Busy! And, well, stupid.

i'm guessing its got Vista?
yep, vista
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