Friday, February 01, 2008
  Todaaaaaaaay was looooooooovely :)
My god, I love actually being home more than just on the weekend. Love it, love it, love it. The thought hit home again today while I was standing in the kitchen at 11 a.m., leisurely cutting up apples for the tortoises' salad, dropping pieces here and there to the dogs.

Side note: Maggie likes apples now! She's indiscriminating about food, just as a dog should be! And she turns over as we walk towards her, to expose her belly, in a hint-hint-could-ya-rub-it sort of way. She's JUST like the other dogs! Yay!

I actually met my mailman today. He surprised while I was outside in my pajamas, repotting a catnip plant. He laughed and told me about the other day when the fact a rock we had in our front yard moved, but then he realized it was a tortoise. "Yep, we have two!"

At around 3, Gretchey and Sebastian and I rolled outta here and went to the doggy park. We spent, uh, about two hours there. It was nice, actually. I talked to a few really nice folks. Good dog people. However, I made the mistake of wearing one of Chris's shirts from back home, though, so I had all these people coming up to me, asking me if I was from Pittsburgh. Strange thing: EVERYONE is from Pittsburgh. The entire time I've lived down here, I've met, oh, like THREE people from Wisconsin. And about 3,000 from Pittsburgh. Strange.

The funny thing is that some old guy commented on my shirt. I'm like, "Oh, this. Everyone has been asking me if I'm from Pittsburgh." He goes, "Oh, no, with your coloring, I'd imagine you are from Minnesota or Wisconsin." Good, right? He must work for the FBI.

I tried to take pics of the dogs, but there is WAY too much going on there for that. I did get, uh, one pic of each dog or so. Because I made them sit and held treats up in the air. They usually do better than one treat's worth, but that was it today. Last time, I made them sit for me and put the treats on the ground while I took this pic with my cameraphone for Chris:

SMILE! Stacey has a 4-day weekend! :)

Then I just repeated, "Stay.... Stay... Stay..." Until I got the picture. It was probably a minute or so. I made 'em sweat. Then I yelled, "OK!" and they charged for their treats. They were so disciplined that time that I actually had someone come over and ask if I was a dog trainer, because she was looking for one. Impressive, eh? Today, though, I got about 10 seconds of STAY-ing. Maybe because they were 1-inch gingerbread men treats instead of 5-inch gingerbread men treats. :)

So, anyway, the dogs had a good time. They're basically in comas right now. And I'm about to go join them. I really gotta get my act together, sleep-wise. I get, like, 9 hours of sleep on nights I don't have school and, oh, 4 or 5 the nights I do. Dummy! Well, at least I know I can do it... And here I thought I was too old to go around functioning on 4 hours of sleep... :D
Funny. I was born in Pittsburgh, but my family moved to NC when I was 2. I still spent all my summers there, though, so I feel I can somewhat claim it. But the reason why you met 3000 people from Pittsburgh is because EVERYONE is moving away! The poor city has been bleeding people over the last 15 years. I guess it must have something to do with everyone getting older and hating to shovel snow or that the job industry has changed so much. Anyway, I like your Pittsburgh posts and just thought I'd add something that's really just meaningless, but I'm home all day, too, and I like surfing the internet and long run on sentences. :)
If your puppies go missing, they are NOT with me and Dawn. ;o)
michelle: the pittsburgh thing is seriously weird. there are steelers bars all over. i've been at a bar once, totally full, where EVERYONE was rooting for the steelers.

and when chris wears his iron city beer shirt? he gets these "you from the 'burgh?" comments all the time. the badgers shirt doesn't get anywhere near the reaction... even though wisconsin is cold & miserable, too!

some dude at the dog park hypothesized that since the west coast of florida has midwesterns, it's just because 95 runs along the east coast and then down to southeast florida. 75 runs down through the central part of the country (?) and down to the southwest coast of florida. people are just too lazy to turn, i guess. :)

thanks for commenting... nice to know someone is reading everything i'm dribbling out here.. hehe..

jen: THEY ARE CUTE, right? i am trying to teach them to pose for pics better with treats. tonight i made them sit with the treats on the bar for a little while. if the light would've been good and i could've snapped a pic of their hopeful, adorable pics... yeah, you 2 would be on the road, wearing ski masks and everything.. :)
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