Sunday, February 17, 2008
  comedy of errors
last night, chris and i went up to my school to see a production of titus andronicus for my shakespeare class. this is the one where the chick has her hands cut off and her tongue cut out. why couldn't they have done a nice midsummer night's dream?

anyway, fau is so damn confusing. there's a theater by where most of my classes are. it's called the schmidt theater or something. then there's a theater on the other side of the campus, where i purchased the tickets to titus, called the barry & helen kaye auditorium. or something. of course, the postcard i got in class and my tickets for the play both said that it would be presented at "studio one" at fau. uh, okay, that helps. and you can't look up directions, because once you got onto the campus, it's its own little world. just like disney world.

so we go to where it makes most sense to me, where i bought the tickets. we pull up, the parking lot is hopping, and we both sigh with relief -- we made it, just on time. they tear our tickets, then a little old woman usher goes to help us to our seats. by this time, there is someone on stage. the presenter, i figure. i look around, and there are TONS of people. they're all old. my shakespeare teacher had said something about how lots of old people show up to the shakespeare plays. i think that it's nice of the retirees to support the university.

we get to our seats and they're taken. we tell the usher that we'll just sit somewhere else; i'm not going to make some old person hobble away for us when we can just as well sit somewhere else. some old grumpy jerk shushes us and the usher, who is completely taken aback by this. i think about how much i love old people.

chris and i find two open seats and i lean over and say, "dude, it's like we're at church" where we're always the youngest people there by at lease 25 years. chris goes, "look around -- it's worse." he was right. i think everyone there had about 40 years on us.

so then we start paying attention to the stage. there's an orchestra. that's strange.

then this dude comes out:

the legendary jack jones.

of course, we realized WE WERE IN THE WRONG PLACE. we immediately jumped up and RAN OUT, then explain this to the ushers, showing them our tickets (again). somebody was able to tell us that it was at the OTHER theater, across campus. we run to the car, i tell chris to toss me the keys, then drive as fast as i can to the OTHER theater. of course, it's not in there either.. i ask chris to call the box office number, and then his phone isn't working. agggh. we finally find the play. it's in ANOTHER smaller theater in a building adjacent to the big one. why they don't make these things more clear when they put it on the posters/postcards/tickets, i have no idea.

so we missed the first 15 minutes, but at least i don't have to GO BACK for another show. but poor chris was a little confused, having missed the beginning. "who are those chicks?" "those are the queen's sons." "oh." (i guess they had a shortage of able male actors.)

afterwards, we were going to go out for our belated valentine's dinner, but of course it was 10:30 and everything was closed, so we went to the 'hood for some waffle house grub. dressed up. we're so high class. :)

another weekend, down the tubes... but hey, i'm a week closer to getting to dive in the caymans, so that's a good thing.
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