Tuesday, February 12, 2008
Today I decided that I would take Maggie to the beach, since she's never seen sand or the ocean or anything like that. Good opportunity to test out the new running shoes, too - yay gift certificates!

It was drizzling as I figured out my iPod armband thingamajig, but I've been such a slacker with the exercise lately, I decided that I was going anyway. After having a meltdown on Sunday night because I couldn't find anything to wear out to dinner... A closet full of clothes that all look bad on me. Yeah, I'm trying to do something about it. Again. ;) Hey, all you can do is try. (Small victories so far: no leftover birthday cake last night, no sugar-laden coffee today, hour-long run today.)

I mean, honestly, this is just a stupid way to live my life. I don't buy new clothes because I'm not happy with this body. But I don't fit into my old ones. This has been going on for... a long time. And it's just no way to live my life. It's no way to go to the Caymans (3 weeks) or the Galapagos (3 months) or live day to day. I have way too much I look forward to doing, and don't want to be hating the way I look the whole time because I didn't have the willpower to lose 15 pounds. That's just plain ol' stupid.

So anyway, me & Miss Maggie Moo went to the beach. That girl is a good little runner if we have the whole road to ourselves, but if we have to share the sidewalk? It's like she's out to get me. I try to get her to stay on one side of me, by shortening the leash and reprimand her if she tries to weave from side to side, because then when she stops, I basically almost break my neck. But for Maggie, when you reprimand, even if you're reprimanding ANOTHER DOG IN THE ROOM, she does the tail-in-between-the-legs thing that just breaks your heart, and then what can you do?

Obviously, I tried to stay on the quiet beach streets where I could let her have a long leash. And then we got to the beach entrance. OOOOH, the ocean is angry today. I realized today probably wasn't the best day to introduce her. No surprise, in retrospect; the reason I wanted to see the ocean is because the Sun-Sentinel ran a warning story about the rip tides. Although Saturday was a day for shore diving, perfect and calm, today the only folks in the water were the surfers.

I was thinking while doing this run that it's really funny... I live, um, two blocks from the ocean? Yet I only usually see it once a week, on average, when we take the scenic route to church. Sometimes when I miss the light on the way to school and I take the way around to not have to wait, which gives me a quick glimpse too. I guess you take things for granted. Not in the summer so much, though, at least.

For those of you who haven't visited.. Ahem, I'm talking to YOU. (You know who you are.)

I live in one of those houses off to the left. You can even see the boat!

So anyway, Maggie was all "what the heck?" about the sand. She bit it at one point, and had it all over her muzzle, which she then licked off. Didn't seem to like that at all. Every time I suggested playfully, "Let's go!" she'd get all excited and run back towards the entrance (now the exit). I'm like, nooooo, that's not what I meant. So I just started running and she followed and, after a while, she started trotting along happily, dashing off to chase a bird or run through the seagrass. It was really sweet. :)

Last night, Chris & I were trying to figure out if Patty's bunny is a boy or a girl (it's a boy!), so we had him out of the cage. Maggie was sniffing inside the cage, taking some hay out and chewing on it. Then we heard a big commotion. We turned around and there Maggie was, sitting in the rabbit cage, looking at us, like, "What?" If I hadn't been holding George's wee feet apart at the time, I would've run for the camera, because it was the CUTEST THING EVER. I never would've guessed Maggie would fit in the cage... and why she'd want to go in, I have no idea. But it's just.. Maggie. Silly Maggie.

I'm really going to miss her. Patty will be taking her and Buddy in about a month, I think. Agggh. At least Patty's new place is by my school so I can stop by and say hi.

So I think today was a good day for Maggie. :) And me, even though we got rained on the whole way back and I didn't get to take the other doggies to the dog park. And now I have to do homework!
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