Monday, June 02, 2008
maaaaan, this weekend.

so the moving guys moved all this furniture from the condo to the house. we didn't have time to organize here, due to vacation and being sick once we got back, so they had to pile everything in the big room and the garage.

once saturday came, we got working on putting everything in its place. swapping out our bedroom furniture for the new stuff. swapping out the twin-size beds in the guest bedroom for the full-size ones from the condo. switching mattresses on the other bed. hauling mattresses and nightstands out to the garage. we worked all day saturday on it.

saturday evening, as i said, byron came over. that was a nice surprise! apparently he was going to be driving to orlando from here for a concert, but that fell through, so he was in town for the night. he ran into chris at the supermarket across the street, and actually recognized him due to all the pictures i put up of chris online. hee. :)

i should've gone to bed early, but i ended up taking a before-bed bath... i had been all sleepy, but the bath woke me up so i sat in there until the water got cold reading my new book. about queen elizabeth. i'm a nerd. i think i went to bed at 4.

today we hauled a bedroom set up to patty's place for her spare room in order to clear a little bit of the garage out. it may fit a car again someday yet!

it's after 3 now. at 9 i meet the marble guys and the painter over at the condo. i get to ride my bike there, probably, since the battery on the truck is f'd up and needs to be replaced. i told chris i'm going to valet the bicycle.

funny: i've gone to the condo a dozen times in the past couple of weeks, in the tundra. today we went in the corolla -- the really old corolla -- and the valet asked me what unit i was there to visit. NEVER had they asked me anything of the sort when i was driving the tundra. then the guy recognized chris from when he used to live there. then he probably felt silly, caught in his discrimination of poor folks driving corollas!

anyway, this has been a LONG weekend, but wow - what a difference. we have attractive bedroom furniture now! i love it! the big, empty room - the dog fight room - is now fully furnished: couch, loveseat, chair, coffee table, entertainment center. the one guest room has been totally redone. we gained a huge entryway mirror and table, lounge chairs for outside, two TVs, and lots of pictures. all this stuff, chris's, but being used for tenants at the condo. crazy!

anyway, now i sleep. after a bath. hope i don't get too caught up in my book in there...
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