Sunday, January 11, 2009
  i so boring!
i just read and sleep and go to school and not much exciting happens. sorry.

i have read some really good books lately though. one about modern slavery, a crime so monstrous. you know there are more slaves alive today than during any time in history? and the stories are so sad. slave children in haiti. sex slaves all over the world. indentured servants. we're really, really incredibly lucky to live in the first world, you know.

right after i finished the book, i just felt like.. i wanted to help, but what could i do? so i decided to do something small that i had wanted to do for a while - i sponsored a child. through save the children, which i found was good for two reasons: it was not a religious-based group and over .90 of each dollar donated went to the programs. so i'm the sponsor of a little six-year-old girl in haiti. my welcome packet came today and apparently i can write to her if i want. i sat and thought for a while about what i could say that wouldn't be alienating to someone living in the countryside in haiti with no running water and no electricity. i enjoy photography? my boyfriend is a doctor? we like to go boating? again, we're so lucky to be living the way we do in the united states. i settled on the facts that i like to read and we have a lot of animals.


what's good about this week is that we go to san francisco. there are a few things i want to do - ano nuevo park, where you can see elephant seals. apparently it's mating and whelping season (i dunno what else to call it - babying time?) so it's a perfect time to visit. and we're going to the monterey bay aquarium, which i have wanted to do forever. and then chris highly recommends a drive down PCH. i ingeniously suggested that we stay over one night in monterey and combine everything and i think it's gonna work out brilliantly. i'm really excited. :)

i went to beach boot camp yesterday. i had to be there by 8 a.m. on a saturday. dedication, right? a little nauseated.. the sun does so not agree with me working out.. but i made it through.

oh, one more thing! wynne is pregnant again! you know, my step-niece who has a 4-month-old? who just got married? at the justice of the peace? and then had her reception in the basement of a bar? she's pregnant with her second child. she'll have a newborn and a one-year-old. by age 20. and she is apparently happy about it? very weird.
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