Wednesday, September 30, 2009
So every time I mentioned to Chris that we really should plan our upcoming Fiji trip, he's like, nah, we'll just wing it. Then I started thinking about it and I'm like, wait, Fiji is made of ISLANDS. It's not like we'll have a rental car like in Costa Rica. We have to arrange FLIGHTS or FERRY RIDES. So we sat down to start trying to figure this out.. or I did anyway... Checked a couple of places and THEY WERE BOOKED. My favorite places.

So um, six hours later we are done. Chris says four but he didn't get involved until I was swearing. Do you know how many 011 numbers are on my last called numbers? I am going to hate to see the bill. The crazy part is that we ended with the two resorts I starred originally, but then I realized the one wasn't in the prettiest part of Taveuni so nixed it. Tonight I realized Taveuni is like 12 miles wide, so it really doesn't matter then does it? We dropped one of the locations altogether, since we can get there on a day trip from Taveuni anyway - if we're bored. If we're not bored, I'd prefer to stay in one place. I don't like spending all my time on a trip travelling.

We are staying at two eco-friendly resorts in the Mamanucas (Navini) and on Taveuni (Nakia). We were going to stay in an ultra posh place to get married in Taveuni that was $1500/night (you read it!) but I read on Trip Advisor that they overwork their staff and the manager kicked a stray dog in the head to get her to leave. Um, pass. So we're back to the place for the full four nights that grows their own veggies, etc... And we had to flip-flop our trip around to be able to get married since the Nakia place couldn't do it and the other place couldn't do it until Monday, yada yada... Anyway, it's all done. The places get really good ratings and they should be fab. I'm a little disappointed we don't get to stay in the swanky $1500/night place, but I feel better knowing I'm supporting eco-friendly places instead of ones run by dog kickers. Seriously, that place.. you had your own CHEF. And three bedrooms! And Chris actually agreed to pay for it! And then I declined. THE INNER STRENGTH THAT TOOK!

There were lots of other resorts that looked really nice, but full of people who play golf (sorry, By! But I'm sure you wouldn't spending your time playing GOLF if you went all the way to FIJI) and learn "Fijian" crafts on their vacation.. Egg rolling races for the kids! Game fishing! My favorite - BOAR HUNTING! Um, no. Even for fancy, cool rooms.. some with TV - I could watch Law & Order IN FIJI - I had to go with what was more, you know, me. I hope Chris is OK with that. ;)

Also, I "saved" Chris $3k by changing hotels. Soooo.. well, you know where I'm going with this... ;)

Chris is booking the inter-island flights RIGHT NOW. Yipee!

Navini Island Resort (where we're getting married), max 30 guests

Nakia resort in Taveuni, max 10 guests:

OK, my pics will be better. :)

So now THAT'S done. Seriously, so awesome.
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