Friday, May 06, 2005
  puffer love
i am so so tired. i can't tell you the last time i got home at 1:30 a.m. on a school night. loved on the cat til 2. fell asleep reading a book.

anyway, stuff -

1. did a night dive last night. after a rainy, ugly day, the sky cleared up and we had a lovely sunset and smooth water. it occurred to me swimming out to the reef that this is such a better way to be spending a thursday evening than most things i can think of. at home with a law & order marathon included.

we saw a sea turtle, which got me so excited i was floating (literally), lots and lots of puffers, porcupinefish, a sand diver (i'm told it was), and the other group of divers saw TWO OCTOPUSES. i hope i see one soon.

i was smiling throughout the dive. and this is hard, seeing as how i had a big ol' regulator stuffed in my mouth. except when i had that leg cramp. ow.

mad props to matt for helping me so much. he brought his wife's gear for me, told me what went where, didn't make fun of me too much for messing up or screwing up the out-of-air drill, then shared his crack pipe with me in the parking lot afterwards. nice guy, that matt. :)

2. my kitten is the best. her sweetness has doubled since coming to my house. she does happy paws while eating now, sleeps in my bed, runs out from her hiding place when i get home and purrs for attention. i have pangs of guilt leaving her alone in the house all day, but am going to work on getting her a little feline buddy soon.

3. i'm okay! ed and i have talked and i feel better about the whole thing. getting used to sleeping alone every night is going to take some getting used to, though. i woke up a dozen times last night. so, you know, having your own apartment and being single is nice and all, but.. by definition.. it's pretty lonesome, especially when you're really tired and just had two coronas and would like nothing more than to fall asleep warm & happy with chest hairs tickling your nose.

no offense to the cat; i appreciate her cuddling hugely, despite the fact that she smells a little. guys usually do too anyway. :D
Ooh, your dive sounded fabulous. I looove puffers - it'd be great to actually see a real one. They have the cutest little faces. Glad you and kitten are having fun, and that you're feeling better. :) Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Guys do have a certain smell. Cats usually smell better I might add! :) I hope you have a good weekend! Phil took me out to eat and I am a little tipsy. He is old enough now to order me drinks too :) Woo hoo!
Night dives sure are different. Puffers are cool to watch but be careful, they can bite.
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