Tuesday, June 14, 2005
  Kitten's & My One-Year Anniversary

I found the Kitten exactly one year ago today! What a nice surprise that today in an email I got pictures of her that someone had taken late last June.Unfortunately, I was digicam-less when I found the Kitten, or her kittenhood would have been documented much better. At least I do have a few pictures to remind me how itty-bitty she was. And make me laugh, like this one. Funny, after a year of loving and treats, she still cries like this when I pick her up. It's truly strange.

She really is hilarious. I’ve let Fluffy in here and there and it’s funny watching the Best Cat Ever and She Who Sucks interact. He’ll rub against her in affection and she’ll bat at him. Or even worse, like yesterday, Elliot and Fluffy will try to rub against her, one on each side. She looked so panicked and miserable that I even felt sorry for her, FOR BEING LOVED ON, then trying to slink out an escape.

Even though I’ve come to this realization that she sucks, and she really does, I love her to death. She loves me too, but she has to show it in her weird, distant way. She wakes up every morning to come lay on the floor outside the bathroom so I have someone to say hi to when I pull the curtain back. Unless she and Elliot are wrestling, she nearly always is where she can see me, even if she has to move four feet back and forth as I go from the kitchen to the living room to do it. She loves it when I pet her, just as long as I keep it quick. She’ll close her eyes and rise to meet my hand, so I scratch-scratch and leave it at that, lest she be forced to run away because I’m giving too much attention.

Sometimes I can’t help it and I have to pick her up and hug and pet her and she protests the whole time. But then I just laugh and feel bad for the Kitten that she has someone who loves her so much she has to show it and hug her. Gosh, the poor thing! :)

Aww, what a little woogie face! I love that face. Cats can suck, but yeah, we still love them - and you never know, in a few years, she might become a total moosh. I can't get over how my former ferals have all turned into such affectionate beasties. And it's clear that she definately adores you - in her own, distant, cat-like way...
Aww, she is a sweety!
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