Wednesday, November 16, 2005
  happy hump day!

Hey folks.. Been a while since I had the time to do a real update here not involving the current cat saga.

This weekend - I was supposed to get to go diving on Friday night. First time in TWO MONTHS. Unfortunately, we all met up in LBTS and walked out to the beach and it was way too rough to dive. Rather, it was way to rough to dive and have fun. So we drank vodka instead. And some weird stuff made of cashew fruit. Fenny?

Saturday was sailing, as usual. It was GORGEOUS out. And rather than the 4-5 people we usually have, we had FOURTEEN. Two full boats! Some dolphins came up close and I guess were basically following the other boat the whole time.. Our boat got to see them surface a few times. Then off to Shuckers.. I got home at 6:30 and was beat, for some reason. Kitten & I snuggled up and went to sleep.

Sunday was very low-key. Alli & I did our thrifting routine. Watched Dr. No. I think that's about it.

This next weekend is going to be busy. Concert Friday night acting as Paul's date for some work event.. Alli is bringing Alex as her date and Andrea is bringing Matt, for some reason, so it should be a nice evening. Alex is there to Latina-watch (it's a Venezuelan bank, after all). Saturday is sailing. And then the costume party. I think by Sunday I will want to lay on the beach or do something equally exhaustive.

Anyone know a better program for listening to music than this Windows media stuff? I have it on 'random' but I keep having to hear the Mamas & Papas (on the network from my co-worker). Which is fine. But there are JUST as many Jay-Z songs yet I only hear him once a week. M&P play 10x a day. Makes no sense. Recommendations are welcome.
what about that hot firefighter guy your seeing?
paul & i are friends.. regardless, i haven't heard from lucas in weeks. nice guy, but quite flaky. don't get me started!
The hot guys usually are the flaky ones. At least you got an expensive dinner from it :)
Yahoo Launch is the best music station I have ever heard. You get to hear whatever you want based on what channel you choose, and you can skip songs if you don't want to hear them. The free version has quick commercials, but I had the paid version, and I loved it. But alas, I have no speakers here at my office, so I can't enjoy my Launch anymore... :(

What concert are you going to see Friday night?
paul seems like a great guy though. what's his email address?
there's this program... dunno if you've heard of it, but it's kinda new and up-and-coming... called...


sorry, i'm in a snarky mood.
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