Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  ahh, tuesday

you know what that means! law & order night!
what's sad is that the cat folks asked if i'd want to do tuesday nights too. i said that i thought it would probably be too much to do two nights a week, which really is 90% of the reason i said no. but that other 10% was definitely concerned about my law & order viewership.

i got a journal tonight. that's always one of those things i mean to do. and i've tried it in the past.. but, well, it seems that one chooses dramatic times in their life to begin a journal. reading over trivialities and woe-is-me entries from times of perceived crisis gives me a tummy ache, so i've tended to scratch any journal i've started.

for a while, i was writing little 1-3 line day summaries in my daily calendar. i did that for a long time, actually. that was kind of a nice idea. you know, the kind of thing that was interesting to flip through a year later. and a bit eye-opening as well. i was pretty shocked when i pulled out my 2004 calendar and counted no less than 10 "WORST DAY EVER"s.

but anyway, i really do enjoy REMEMBERING things, and it seems that CRS (Can't Remember Shit, a Squid-ism) has afflicted me early in life. at this point, it only affects me when it comes time to find my keys or remember why i got up from my desk at work; the good, bad, and important things lodge themselves pretty well in my brain. but in any case, i was thinking it'd be nice to remember lots of little daily joys that will no doubt fade from my memory in a few years..

the blog is great. great for remembering when things happened. great for summing up my weekends for a later chuckle. how many people can tell you what they were doing on the 3rd weekend in july of 2005? i can! [click, click, click.] i was marveling at newborn kittens! :) and i went to a bachelorette party!

but, yeah, public forum and all, i keep this pretty general. so, a journal it is. i hope life has settled into something that is comfortable enough that everything i write in there now won't give me a tummy ache if i read it in a year. instead, i hope it just makes me smile, much like looking over my blog does.

in other news, britney filed for divorce from kevin! yay!

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