Monday, November 13, 2006
  my morning

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i woke up a little early and did a little workout by the pool. that part was good.

but while in the shower, i started worrying about school coming up - i think i'm sticking at BCC until I get my AA, or I have to take the ACT or the SAT. omg. but BCC still costs money, and this year will the first in a while i have no bonus.. and i'm making less.. and christmas is coming up. it all adds up to a dreadful worrisome mess. and classes means less free time, which sucks too. during the week, i already feel like i have just enough me time and not enough chris time as it is. not to mention my poor, neglected cats!

then my car hesitated on starting. and shook when it did. luckily, by the time i got out of the driveway, it was driving fine. but, yeah, that's what i need to be threatened with: car problems!

now, let me get this out of the way - i know that, in the grand scheme of things, i am very lucky that my worried mind only has things like xmas gifts and tuition to concentrate on. i do know this! but knowing that somehow does not make it feel any better.

so, anyway, i have like 15 minutes to get to work, which is fine. i tried to go down the alley for the first time to avoid the light at commercial & A1A because IT SUCKS, following instructions from chris that it turns out i somehow mangled. there was traffic heading south, but a nice dude in a sports car made a motion when it was safe to go. i went in, turned right, turned left at the stop sign.. and then police lights. it's been a while since i've had those!

so this big asshole cop takes my license & registration and disappeared back into his car. he had said that i had been holding up traffic by trying to make an illegal turn (mind you, there were no cars behind me since there was a garbage truck on A1A and everyone was stuck behind him). i sat there for a while, wondering what on earth i was getting a ticket for and how fucking expensive it was going to be... how was a turn into an alley an illegal turn? i was getting restless, and by now i was late for work, so got out of the car. he got out of his and started yelling at me. "DID I TELL YOU YOU COULD GET OUT OF YOUR CAR?" i was not expecting that at all. i was like, "am i not allowed to get out of my car?" "NO YOU ARE NOT, UNLESS I TELL YOU TO! DIDN'T YOU HEAR ABOUT WHAT JUST HAPPENED TO THAT DEPUTY?" on and on.. like, do i look like a threat? that's what he acted like, as if i was coming towards him to break his neck. and he was a big, fat cop! (is there any other kind?) i went back in my car and, bam, started to bawl. i don't handle getting yelled at well, especially when i'm already upset.

so, yeah, i got a ticket for crossing a double-yellow line. i didn't even realize turning over that lane of traffic would be illegal... $120 fine. yay.

i was late for work by about 10 minutes, and who did i walk in behind? the president of the florida region. red-faced, still obviously crying and 10 minutes late. wonderful.

when i sat down, my lovely ninja-hippie kathy asked what was wrong. i started crying all over again. "man problems?" she asked. i had to pause and smile at that: no, not man problems. at least that's not the case, right? i would be much more sad if i were having chris problems rather than cop problems. but he's excellent, so no chris problems.

anyway, i feel mostly better now. i have to keep it in mind that things tend to work out, so it's not such a good thing to worry about them. yee-ha!
i think you should go to court and fight this ticket! he can't prove you did that! and you should tell the judge the cop was mean to you. and start crying in the courtroom. it helps, trust me :)
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