Monday, March 26, 2007
i'm lookin' into buying a car.. i am wondering how much my car insurance will go up. right now, i pay for liability only - $90/month. with a car that has a note on it, i will have to pay for full-coverage. i'll be going along the route of a toyota, so i won't be getting anything that'd be too costly to repair or anything..... but am curious if anyone knows how much i could expect my insurance to go up, reasonably? thanks if you know anything.

update: y'all were right. well, at least two of you. ;) i checked with my current insurance company - full coverage on this particular car would cost me $180/month. i checked with progressive. $160. geico? $115. excellent. $25 extra a month is much better than i was expecting. thanks for the suggestion & the clarification on how the credit check works!

Just go to one of the online insurance websites and get a free estimate. Progressive, Geico, esurance.
there are a couple of problems with that:
#1. rates at a new place may not compare at all with what i pay at my current insurance agent. i remember when i first got the car insurance i have now - i had tried one of the big online agencies first and it was a good 50% more than what i ended up paying at a local agency.
#2. you have to give your SSN, etc., which means they pull your credit report, which means that that adds a ding to your credit, albeit a small one. since i just applied for a CC and also am looking to finance a car, i don't want to add dings for reasons that won't really help me much!

thanks for your suggestion.
actually if you're just looking, they should only do a soft credit check which shouldn't put a ding on your credit. Though I have full coverage on my '04 van and I pay less than $90, bout $78. Have you had lots of accidents? I'd definitely look into progressive for SURE.
You really shouldn't just have PIP and liability. You need uninsured motorist coverage, costs a little more but if you were in an accident caused by someone else and they only had liability, you'd be stuck with just PIP ($10,000.00) in medical coverage (80%) and lost wages (60%).
i'm surprised at how high those numbers are, but i drive a car so old it's not worth having more than liability and uninsured/underinsured, for which i pay something like $450 per half-year...

this is with Geico, where about 2-3 years back, i started at something like $900 per half-year and have steadily been going down. i think i was once told that unless something specific happens, they will drop your rate by at least 5% each half-year period just for staying with them, though i think that stopped when i reached my current level and they did some funky thing where my policy was transferred to a different one of the three geico companies (apparently, they have like three companies where one is normal people, one is people who pay a lot more and can't get really high limits, and one is people who pay less and can get really high limits and i got moved from the mid-level one to the top-level one about a year ago, though i'm not entirely sure why other than having been with them however long).

i have also found Geico's claims-handling to be pretty decent.
Ok...I bite

What car are you looking at? I got a Highlander and it been a good car. A Tercel was my first new car. I drove it ten years and sold it for half of what I paid for it. Inexpensive with few problems and it would go in the snow,
a corolla! details when i have them without feeling like i'll be jinxing it. :)
I test drove one and also rented on for a job interview about 9 years back. both of them were sold nice cars. Quiet and nimble. I have a hard time carrying double in one but then again it be better than the Eclipse which I use now. ( Providing I could get a hatch back )
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