Monday, April 02, 2007
  suddenly, everything exploded
and it's not even summer. yesterday, during the golden hour, i grabbed my camera and snapped a few pics outside and within the next couple of houses.

the neighbors have some mega pretty flowers.

shy hibiscus
there are SO many hibiscus flowers in bloom. i was trying to get one in focus, with all the orange and pinks behind it.. but i couldn't. this is the best i could do.

too bright
this plant in the tort enclosure seemed so pretty in the sun

little flowers
in the front yard.

pretty thin flowers
right outside the door

the cool news?

chris planted a papaya tree... with papaya!

and two mango trees - one quite small and one quite big
mango tree

also, a lychee. but i need a better picture. :)

i went to the gym across the street for the first time tonight. see, chris's parents have a place over there. like, literally 1.5 blocks east. it has three gyms. how awesome it was to get to work out in a gym, by myself! an old couple got there as i was leaving, but still... the one i found first has lots of dumbbells, a bench press, a chin-up bar (from which i hang motionless), a step for workin' out the calves, a ball for doin' crunches, as well as a bunch of weight machines and the requisite treadmills and stair-steppers. it was a really good workout. then i walked out of the garage and was met with the nearly full moon rising over the ocean. definitely a camera moment, but i had none. and then i jogged home, and it literally took me about 30 seconds. you could not ask for a better gym setup than this.

the cats are settling in just fine. tonight, i opened the door to the garage and they were both out from under the couch, sitting on a couple of dressers. yay! oreo has to stay in the garage overnight or she comes to the bedroom window and cries for attention... so i'm sure the cats will be thrilled tonight, stuck in the same space together. good thing it's a big space.

time to go snuggle with my baby.

tonight he really wanted dumplings for dinner, i really wanted pierogies. while working out, i decided dumplings really were okay - after all, they are his favorite food. when i walked in the house, i saw a pot of pierogies on the stove. how good is this boy? maybe tomorrow night i'll make him some dumplings. lord knows he deserves it. :)

i'm really going now.
Stacy You uploaded The photo of our church I took & I don't think you Knew who I was Cousin *LOL*
I babysat you & your sisters we are cousins I went to your sister kelly's
wedding dance ????
Laura Remember?
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