Saturday, June 16, 2007
  excitement of the weekend :)
so, i backed out of going to jacksonville. there were just too many reasons to not go (dogs would be alone, cats would be hard to feed and whatnot in the car, it was a REALLY LONG DRIVE, etc.), so chris brought sebastian to keep him company instead. i stayed at home and had a really strange night of sleep, then snuggled with kitten on the couch for a while (yes, kitten!) and ran some errands. i hate those errands-running days; i feel like i'm hemorrhaging money the whole time (cat food, frontline, kitten formula, litter for the kittens, special kitten food, bunny food, mouth-sized tennis balls for the dogs, and then -- for me -- a nice little travel purse thing that's fair-trade certified).

poor chris, left at 5 this morning and didn't get home until, like, 7:30 or so. but he had this baby in tow!

the new whaler :)

it looks deceivingly small, until you see chris in the picture:

the new boat!

chris had test driven one of a similar size a while back and was saying that it felt so big to drive next to the dirty b (17' vs. 23') which i understood completely when i got on this thing. it felt huge. and there is so much space!

it's got this awesome cockpit... with gps and a cd player and speakers...! chris wants to keep using his old boombox + MP3 player getup, but i'm already planning on making some mix cds....


one of the best parts? it has a cabin!

la cabina

i would say it's for getting out of the rain, but this boat has a much better protected cockpit than the dirty b. see?

kittens 128

and now no one has to sit in the sun if they don't want to. :) (the dirty b only had so many spots you could sit in to get out of the sun.)

and check out the bench!

kittens 129

(yes, i am now easily made happy with these creature comforts, after some uncomfortable rides on the little boat.)

and it has a sanipottie in the cabin!

a sanipottie!

again, creature comforts are VERY much appreciated when boating for hours and hours... no more flashing my bare ass to biscayne bay next time i need to pee!

and the boat is so tall that, when i'm up on it, i can see where i used to live!

look, by! where we used to live!  from chris's front yard!

this really isn't a plus for the boat or anything, but i thought byron may get a kick out of the picture. :)

so yeah, i'm excited -- if you couldn't tell. we can take this thing to the bahamas! easily! it was a PITA to get backed into the driveway (i won't even start) and we won't get it in the water until after wisconsin, but yipee! i really am excited. :) this thing has SO MUCH ROOM -- ROOM FOR DIVE GEAR!!! :)

i'm glad, too, because now chris won't be spending every night looking at boat porn, as i call it. well, he'll probably be searching down accessories for a while, but eventually he will have bought everything that needs to be bought, and you can't meddle on your boat after dark, so.. yeah, i have my baby back. :)
Congrats!!! Remember its good to have friends that know how to find wrecks, judge currents, hot drop divers, pick up divers and pack a good lunch for the Surface interval!!!!!!

PS: I'm really good with "boat soap" as well! :)
Matt I am sure would be very usefull in helping if you do any wreck diving. However the reason I replyed is you owe me a new keyboard. I had to change mine after I spit my morning coffee out over the term " Boat Porn ". LOL
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