Thursday, July 05, 2007
  drugs, blessed drugs!

(Warning, this is a bitchfest, but with a happy ending.)


I really like my doctor. He seems nice.

Today he gave me a Topamax starter pack. I was nearly in tears at his office, explaining how I have a headache just about all the time. Let’s see, let’s start out on my trip home to Wisconsin.

1 Imitrex before I left work Friday
1 Imitrex when I arrived in Minneapolis on Friday
1 Imitrex when I woke up in Wisconsin on Saturday

Then I was fine until Tuesday, which was last Tuesday. I went for a jog, had to take an Imitrex. Then Wednesday night, I went for a jog, tried to not take an Imitrex, but realized I really needed to. But it either too late or just didn’t work, so the headache came on anyway. I’ve had a mild headache ever since, save for Saturday, when it was awful, and yesterday, when it was awful. I tried an Imitrex Thursday night, to no avail, and one Friday as well. At that point, I gave up on getting rid of the headache, especially in light of the fact that I am only allowed 9 per month. I took a Maxalt yesterday, out of desperation, and either it worked or yesterday was the day my headache was going to go away.

Great, until today. Today a little while before I was set to go to go the doc, I felt a pang in my head. Ignored it, hoped for the best. But soon I realized it was definitely the beginnings of a headache. Then I got to the doctor’s office and some chick was wearing way too much really rank perfume and I started panicking, because strong perfume has given me a headache before, but couldn’t find a place to sit where I couldn’t smell it.

It’s just annoying now, but annoying enough that I really can’t do anything once I get home. And jesus, am I ever SICK of doing nothing. I've been keeping weird hours on account of it, too, which sucks.

Please oh please let the Topamax work.

Oh, and ha - the doctor said beware of the side effect that it may make me lose weight. And when he said that, I told him right where he could shove those pills. (Answer: Right down my throat!) That sure would be nice, but mostly I just want it to make the headaches go away so I can start MOVING again. The doc said that these work pretty darn well, as long as I can tolerate them. Let's hope!

On another bitchfest note, I didn't get to see the fireworks last night. And you do know that the 4th is one of my favorite holidays. Maybe next 4th I need to go to Wisconsin, to make sure the day doesn't sink into just another weekday..

People who wear strong perfume rarely have consideration for other people. That's so rude.

Weight loss as a side effect? Darn!
Remember being able to see the fireworks displays of each city across the whole county at the same time from the back balcony of the condo? I always thought that was cool.

It also had the added benefit of me never having to be more than 5 feet away from air conditioning and porn.
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